Geek Crush: Bl4k Lotus

Last winter, my husband took me to an MC Frontalot concert. Now, I knew quite a bit of Front’s music, Origin of Species and I Hate Your Blog most notably. I had watched Nerdcore Rising, and I thought I was ready for some serious nerdy hip hop action.

However, what I was introduced to on that stage at the Elevens in Northampton, Mass, was far more than I was expecting. Sure, there was Front, doing his thing, but it was the guy to the side of Front that really got my attention. The guy playing the bass. The guy who just let everything go as he bounced around the stage, hitting that bass, shaking his (very cute) backside, and generally appearing to have more fun than anyone else in the room. That guy was Brandon Patton also known to the Nerdcore audience as Bl4k Lotus, and this month’s Geek Crush.

Isn’t he cute when he concentrates? Other fans take better photos than me.

In a few short months, Bl4k Lotus became my favorite member of the MC Frontalot touring brigade. I was able to see him at both PAX East and PAX Prime. One of my favorite moments in every concert is the number Final Boss. I love watching Bl4k Lotus on the chorus as he widens his eyes and makes the craziest, scariest face and says, “I crack the whip, you play the game.” He is the most amusing person on the stage during these shows, and I love to watch not knowing how he’s going to move or where he’ll end up. If you get lucky during a show, you may also get a chance to see Bl4k Lotus sit for a while, playing various interesting percussion instruments. He’s multi-talented. See why I was falling in love?

Thanks drunken_irishman for the great pic!

So, just this past month, Front and his company of awesome including Vic-20, Sturges, and my favorite Bl4k Lotus returned to Northampton, and I was there to see them. However, this time, it just so happened that the awesome Bl4k Lotus himself was standing around the bar right when I was planning to get a drink. After staring at him (but not in a stalker way) for a bit, my husband finally told me to just go talk to him (do I have the best husband ever or what!).

Anyway, I did go talk to him, and ended up in something like a ten minutes conversation about science! and board games! No really! Let me drop some knowledge on you about Bl4k Lotus that will probably forever cement him as a geek crush of mine. He is a board game fanatic. His girlfriend is a chemistry grad student at Yale, and was interested in the fact that I study microbiology. He is making a board game based on biochemistry, using amino acids to create proteins. How awesome is that? So awesome. I totally want to drive down to New Haven and play it.

Well, I managed to have this whole conversation without totally geeking out, going super fangirl, or squeeing in his presence, whew! But then, it turned out that Bl4k Lotus was even cooler than I originally thought, because he did a solo set before Front went on! He played acoustic guitar with lots of fancy picking, which always excites me, and used his computer for other instrumentation (mmm, a tech geek too!). Turns out that he can do much more than nerdcore, as he performed a song with a great folk sound, some serious rock, and a beautifully heartbreaking love (gone badly) song. His solo albums are totally on my must own list now. He also wrote the songs for a show called Love Sucks: The Musical. ‘nuff said.

Thanks to Roving Girl Photography for this great shot!

Oh, and just in case your geek cred doesn’t extend this far, the name Bl4k Lotus comes from a famous and valuable Magic: The Gathering card. So, yeah, his geek cred is good. Not that playing with the Godfather of Nerdcore isn’t good, but that just makes Bl4k Lotus even better. Actually, he’s so great, that he’s worthy of a serious Geek Crush! Love you Brandon!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 12:28:03

    Thanks for the link back — great article. I never knew Brandon was into board games. He does great work for Front, and it was fun to hear his solo work at the last concert I attended. I have a huge geeky girl crush on him, too!


  2. Allie
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 13:47:59

    I’m a huge fan of Brandon, and having spent a lot of time with the whole group, I’ve definitely had the most interesting conversations with him. I’m a member of Kingdom of Loathing, which is how I met them all in the first place, and they perform at KOL Con every year. Anyway, long story short, I ended up in a half hour conversation with him about economics and finance. Every time I talk to him, it’s always interesting and different.

    He’s an awesome guy!


  3. giuliana
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 18:36:10

    I totally agree with you! Brandon is fantabulous, haha!
    I never met him in real life (we are penpals), but since 2008, when I got into MC Frontalot’s songs I became curious about that cute bass player who makes the best solos ever.
    Last year I found that he had also a solo career as an indie rockstar (his music makes me drift, it brings good feelings to my heart) so I put my name on the contacts list and he sent me an email. Since then, we have been into this very good friendship.

    You are lucky, Brandon is a great person. Hope to see him someday for real.


  4. little brother
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 07:54:35

    Wow this is to funny. i’m gonna have to tell him about his….


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