Timewaster Tuesday: Zombie Edition

Everyone loves zombies, right! So, with Halloween coming up, I thought that I would give a quick overview of some zombie games you can play at your Halloween parties!

A game of Last Night on Earth by Jon Ross.

I think this was the first zombie game we bought. The idea is that the survivors are running from the zombies to the helicopter. Sometimes they work together, and sometimes, and actually more frequently in my experience, they destroy each other in an attempt to be the last survivor. This game is fun because there are a lot of zombies and if you are highly competitive, you can really wreck havoc on your friends and family. However, the gameplay is a little repetitive and the overrunning zombies can create too many unwinnable situations, which makes for frustrating games.

Zombie Fluxx
Regular Fluxx is a great mashed up game of card-playing chaos where the rules are always changing and anything can happen. Zombie Fluxx is more of the same, only with zombies! Zombies come in singles, pairs, and even a quartet. Zombies can be either good or bad for winning the game. For example, a zombie baseball team might be the way to win, or you might need some friends, a car, and a shotgun and no zombies. Either way, Zombie Fluxx is a lot of fun and a great drop in and out party game.

Last Night on Earth
This is a semi-cooperative game, the players are split into two teams: the survivors and the zombies. The survivors want to survive, and in some cases kill a particular number of zombies. The zombies want to kill survivors, wreck havoc, and take over the town. What makes this fun is that it’s really like a zombie movie. The survivors have names and personalities that give them different abilities during the game. The zombies shuffle, but can still overrun a particular location. This is fun with a bunch of people on the two teams because you can both collaborate and be competitive. The only downfall is that each side’s turn can take a while, leaving a bit of downtime for the other team. Really, this game is awesome!

Zombie Dice
In this game, you are the zombies hunting for brains and trying not to get shot, byt way of dice rolls. This is an every (dead) person for themselves game, and involved both a bit of chance and a bit of strategy. You decide whether to keep rolling, knowing that if you get shot too many times you might lose your brains, or you can stop and bank them waiting for the next round. Zombie Dice is good for parties because it is quick and easy to learn. However, there is a lot of luck involved, so the strategy types tend not to love it.

Gambling for brains

For the future: Munchkin Zombie will be available in April  2011, and there are already some previews of the cards and prototypes being shown by Steve Jackson games. Being how much we love Munchkin and zombies, I simply can’t wait for this game!

There, now you have enough Zombie game fun to last you All Hallow’s Eve and beyond. Whether you like brains or shooting the undead in the head, there will be something on this list for you! Time to play with some zombies!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Budd Black
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 11:15:41

    too bad VS system didn’t do a marvel zombies set. That would have been cool.


  2. Eleni
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 17:28:08

    I saw both Zombie Fluxx and Zombie Dice at the bookstore this past weekend. I was tempted by Zombie Fluxx because I thought I remembered you saying that Fluxx was a fun game. But I held off. My boyfriend is a zombie fan, so maybe I’ll get it some other time 🙂


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