How To Have A Classy Geeky Home

As us geeks grow up, we want our homes to have a more classy look. We try to get away from the curbside and thriftstore looks that many of us relied on in college to display our geeky stuff. When previously, I simply would have had a shelf loaded with geeky toys, now I want my geekiness to blend into a nice room layout with fancy, grown-up furniture. Okay, technically, that’s what my husband wants, and I like the idea enough to let him do it. Either way, we have worked over the last three or four years to show off our geekiness in ways that are almost indistiguishable from what a non-geeky house might have, that is, until you look a little more carefully!

Step 1: Frame Everything

It’s amazing what a nice black frame can do to something that wouldn’t ordinarily be framed. For instance, Penny Arcade strips.

Run from the L block!

People barely notice the crazy guy, or the tetris blocks. We also frame out favorite movie posters.

It's our time. Our time down here.

Step 2: Use Background Color Effectively

After framing, things look even better with a nice mat behind them or around them. A little DIY with some card stock or felt and you can proudly display things such as patches and trading cards with a professional look. For example, these lovely Stargate patches.

Chevron locked.

Also, even though it’s sports geeky and not regular geeky, my husband did something similar with his favorite Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player. However, you could totally do this with magic card or pokemon cards or a Munchkin card signed by Steve Jackson, just sayin’.

There's no crying in baseball.

Step 3: Display Boxes Are Your Friends

Save Zelda!

Yup, that’s link. He’s made out of legos. Yes, I did that. Anyway, he’s also in a cool box hanging on our wall. This is a great way to show off simple lego creations or other things that are not flat. The boxes aren’t too expensive and I think we lined link with card stock.

Step 4: Use Photoshop Effectively

Lots of geeks take geeky photos. Well, use your photoshop skills to make those photos look artsy, then hang them (framed and matted of course)! I’m not sure there is anything that a nice sepia tone can’t make more awesome. This one was taken by Dawn of a local beach for my beach-themed bathroom (Jersey shore girl, you know).

Come Sail Away ...

Step 5: Space Things for Better Viewing

One of the things we learned about decorating was that you can’t just shove twenty things on a shelf. Sometimes, you have to pick and choose to spread things out and make them look nice. My husband has a great bobble-head and figureine collection, but right now we had to pick only about a third of it to display so that it didn’t appear cluttered.

Can you name them all?

Someday, when we have a bigger place, maybe we will have more shelf space and can put more stuff out!

Step 6: Buy Classy and Effective Storage Pieces

Geeks usually have a lot of electronics, which means a lot of controllers, wires, connectors, etc. We don’t like to have those visible to our general visiting audience, so we invested in a couple of really nice ottomans with storage space. Junk goes inside, and well, right now things a bit messy, but at least we can hide stuff away when we want to!

Now you’ve seen most of my geeky living room. What kinds of things do you do to make your geeky stuff more classy?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Budd Black
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 13:09:01

    I agree with framing things. It makes said print or poster look like a collectors edition. I did a decoupage on some frames to put my super hero postage stamps in. I also did a dinner tray and cannister.


  2. Avalyn
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 15:30:38

    I got two black leather ottomans to match the black leather couch, but we just store blankets in them and the Wii and Xbox controllers and umpteen remotes still end up all over the floor.

    If you get a bigger house just so you have more space for your collectibles, this is what happens:

    Framing is definately a good way to do things. Also, get lots of bookshelves and “stage” them nicely instead of cramming them, then stick a few select toys or memorabilia pieces on display, no more than one per shelf, scattered in different places like sitting on a short stack of books.


    • GirlsAreGeeks
      Oct 25, 2010 @ 16:29:02

      Whew! That’s more stuff than we have, although probably not by much really. Yeah, we are all about staging now, mixing the toys up with the DVDs, it’s fun!



  3. eye-shuh
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 17:09:52

    I definitely agree with lots of bookshelves! A beautiful wood bookshelf will add class to just about anything you can think to throw on it.

    As for the massive controllers – we have a living room table with big drawers built into the side. They are unobtrusive and almost not even noticeable. Yet, our gaming paraphernalia fits in nicely!

    I am forever jealous of one of my friends, who has a fantastic geek set up. I’ll have to ask her if I can take pictures sometime. My favorite two pieces are (1) her framed Final Fantasy 3 poster from the original box and (2) her Bioshock collectibles that she has mounted above her fishtank.


  4. KtCallista
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 18:41:54

    A few years ago we tamed down the controllers and remotes by getting some fake books at our local Ross’s. The books are then stacked under our electronics table (our former coffee table that now houses the PS2, NES, VCR, DVD, Wii, and TV) The most used controller stays close to the console, and all others are easily snagged out of their book. Unfortunately, the wii has so many bulky accessories I taken to hiding some of them under a corner table that has a large tablecloth that drapes to the floor.

    We also have bookshelves everywhere, but mostly because we and our kids all love books, but they also hold everything from craft supplies to DVDs and games.


  5. Ruth
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 09:16:50

    We’re probably going to end up getting the BSG poster set. Maybe framing would be a good excuse to hang them… 😀


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