Geeky Flickr Finds 10-19-10

Whew, I am way behind this week! That’s what I get for traveling, but it was fun. I was actually down where they filmed No Country for Old Men in Texas. It was fun, but busy and therefore lacking in the internets. I miss you guys! Therefore, I make up for the lack of my presence with two day late pretty pictures while I try to catch up on written posts. Fortunately, there is all sorts of geek to be found on Flickr this week and here are just a few for your viewing enjoyment.


This book is on my Christmas List. Props to thaths for meeting the author Jeff Potter, seems like an interesting guy!

Welcome to the United Geekdom of GNU/Linux or UGGL-Y as they are known on flickr. Quite the coat of arms, huh!

Someone needs to find who makes this and send me one ASAP. Lucky Evan Lovely with the cool sign.

Finally, something fun and geeky picked up by Jamais Cascio. Now, if they would throw a few gigs of flash memory into those Livestrong ones, right? I like to be both supportive and functional, so, sue me.

Okay. Hope that helps make up for my disappearance!


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