Weekly Link Goodness 10-16-10

Happy Saturday everybody! Time for some serious links, well, they are mostly funny links, but there are a lot of them. Hopefully, something fun for everyone who isn’t going outside today. I may go see Jackass 3D and make my husband climb a mountain, but I’ve seen these anyway!

Many Many Mega Man – What if everything were in the style of Mega Man? Well, life would just be awesome, that’s what! Check this great artwork out! (Via Zaxy)

Improv Everywhere – check out the 8 geekiest stunts from Improv Everywhere, including the infamous Star Wars subway car incidence!

Video Game “Portraits” – This is a great Deviant art page, and I especially like the old Solid Snake one.

The Geek Arts – This is a great collection of various geek art. It caught my attention because the first thing I saw was a spotlight on PhD Comics (yes, I am a scientist), but keep going and there’s some great stuff!

Game-Based Mosaics – This guy makes mosaics out of dice and Rubik’s cubes. How incredible is that and where can I get one? Go watch the videos to see how they are made!

Proper Beer Pour – Want to be a beer geek? Here’s a good place to pick up a few tips.

Geeky Cakes – Here’s a nice collection of some seriously geeky cakes, and they are really impressive too!

Internet Humor Explained – An infographic to show why things happen on the internet. I’m not sure it actually explains anything, but it’s funny


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Chronic Geek
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 23:08:29

    Nice links!

    I especially loved the many, many mega man one. That was cool!


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