Weekly Link Goodness 10-9-10

Hey all! Lots of great links this week since I never got them up last week. For my credit, I got up at 5:30am last Saturday, ran a 5K and then drank from noon until 2:00am, so I was a bit busy. Anyway, this weekend, I’m all about sitting in front of the computer and if you are too, here are some great things to check out!

Twitter Declutter – Just in case you need to filter out your friend with the live-tweeting-sports-action or avoid spoilers for your favorite movie, here’s something to help you out!

A News Story About A Scientific Article – This is an excellent example of why science gets such a bad rap in the media. Where is the science education people?

How to Make Dice Earrings – are you crafty and want to make your own D20 jewelry? Well, here’s a great guide for some earrings!

Mario Piano – Transcribes sheet music for the Super Mario Bros Themes. This is the greatest thing ever.

Lego Wedding Rings – I almost wish I knew about this when I got married, because my husband would have loved them.

Bacon Bit Art – It’s a statue of Kevin Bacon made out of bacon. Awesome and delicious!

Fan Made MST3K – These are possibly the only way to watch Star Trek V and Highlander II. No, really, have you tried to watch those normally!

Enough Rare Cult Movie Interviews to Kill Your Productivity for the Rest of the Day – ’nuff said.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 16:44:26

    The Lego rings are much cooler than I thought they would be. I would absolutely wear the one in the first image.

    Thanks for the link to the earring tutorial.


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