Geeky Etsy Finds 9-16-10

Today’s Etsy Finds include something a little bit crafty for you to do and something to show off your geekiness, which is always a bonus! Getting closer and closer to Christmas, right!


What do you make?
I create cross-stitch patterns and finished pieces that are non-traditional and some may consider quite oddball. I’m ecstatic that there are folks out there that get me and my work. I typically concentrate on geeky themes and somewhat obscure quotes.

Who are you?
I’m a product of the 70’s. I grew up during the birth of video games/personal home computers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Tron, Clash of the Titans, Aliens, et al. I live in Chicago with my husband of 16 years and our mollycoddled furbabies. My zombie cross stitch kit was recently published and I’m doing my best to live long and prosper 😉

How did you get started?
My baby-sitter taught me the art of cross-stitch and pattern making when I was 9. I really wanted to make rainbows and unicorns. Not a lot of patterns for those back then, just oodles of geese with bonnets, etc. I absolutely love cross-stitch. It is a combo of art and mathematics, a craft couldn’t be any more perfect.

What makes your items great for geeks?
Hopefully my inner-geekness is enjoyed by fellow geeks. My themes include Donkey Kong, Lord of the Rings, binary code, and CMYK.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?
Oh my gosh – everything! Star Wars, Star Trek, Macs, binary, Lord of the Rings, gadgets, zombies, tattoos, cross-stitching, quotes, documentaries, conspiracy theories, shark week… the list goes on and on 😉



What do you make?
I make geeky accessories and collectibles. My primary product lines consist of pinback buttons and magnets, but I also sell double-sided necklaces, bottle opener keychains, and pocket mirrors. I plan to expand my product line to also include paper goods like notebooks, greeting cards, stationary, etc.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?
I’m a lifelong nerd and have always experimented with creativity. I’ve gone from drawing to design, decoupage to origami, crochet to coding, and everything in between. My strongest creative passions have always involved paper crafts and graphic design, so my handmade items are a natural complement to my background and current interests.

I developed my first nerdy tendencies as an 80s kid who fell in love with console gaming. I got into computers as a teen, right around the time internet technology was really starting to take off. As the years passed and the hours spent in IRC/ICQ chat accumulated, a strong friendship was forged with the kindred spirit who eventually became my amazing husband. We now both work from home in creatively driven fields and enjoy geeky downtime together.

What makes your items great for geeks?
All the items I make come from my interest in and respect for all geek subcultures. The word “geek” no longer has the negative connotations of the past and is worn as a badge of honor by so many interesting people. I’m fascinated by all the geek niches out there and love providing products that cater specifically to them. My items are designed to help all geeks celebrate their unique passions.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?
I’m interested in just about everything geeky, but I really love video games, internet culture, technology, gadgets, astronomy, philosophy, and scientific exploration.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Budd
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 10:54:58

    while the cross stich is cool, I just don’t see myself decorating my desk or home with it, but I am a guy.

    The buttons are cool, too.


    • GirlsAreGeeks
      Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:33:58

      Something for everyone today! I like the cross-stitches because they appear innocuous until you read them. I have a similar one I got for a wedding present that says “The Truth is Out There”



  2. MissDeWorde
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:42:51

    I wish I had a pic of my cross stiching “Make it so” handkerchief. Wasn´t that much work and my (now ex-) friend loved it.


  3. MissDeWorde
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:46:37

    oh and I checked out the websites. Cool stuff!


  4. Jen
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 12:39:16

    Social slacker me forgot to say on my Etsy order that I found it here! So I am de-lurking to say, “Hey, CtrlAltDeviant! I found it here!” 🙂

    (Thanks for posting, love it!)


  5. gurlgonegeek
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 22:03:38

    When I get my own apartment I’m totally getting something from their Etsy!


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