Geeky Etsy Finds 9-9-10

Here we are today with some great geeky crafty things that you can wear! I wore one of the scarves to PAX, and it was pretty awesome. I kind of wish I had found the second a few years back, but hey, maybe I’ll plan an early second honeymoon instead!

Silk Scarf Shoppe

What do I make:
I hand dye and hand paint 100% silk scarves. Each scarf is completely unique because all colors are mixed by hand so that each scarf is a one of a kind creation. I make multicolored scarves working with alcohol, salt, wax, and water based colored resists to create different effects.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?
I am a laboratory technician and a gamer. I got started by making scarves as gifts and fell in love with the process. After getting positive feedback from people that received my scarves I opened an Etsy store with the hope of spreading my scarves to people outside my immediate friends or family.

What makes your items great for geeks?
My scarves are great for geeks that want to feel stylish. I make scarves with d20 die for us gamers and scarves with DNA or atoms for us science geeks. With my pieces you get beautifully soft 100% silk scarves that still allow you to proclaim your geekdom! I am also happy to make custom orders so if there is something specific you want to see, just ask and I will try my best to create a piece tailored for your personal interest.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?
I am into science (mainly biology or zoology), table top games and video games. I will never turn down an RPG for a gaming system that I own.



What do I make:
I make wedding garters with geeky themes. Sci-Fi, gaming, math, almost any image can be made into a charm for a garter and then I design the fabric portions to coordinate with the charm, or the wedding colors. I make custom garters, too. Geeky interests are so varied that I know I can’t cover all the bases, so I’m always happy to oblige a geeky bride (or her groom) when asked. I recently started making bridal emergency kits as well. They’re not geek themed, but a bride should always be prepared!

Who are you and/or how did you get started?
I am the wife of a geek, or nerd, or dork…whatever the right term is. I love my geeky husband. When we were getting married I searched for weeks for a wedding garter that would reflect his nerdy interests. Every other traditionally male hobby was available as a garter, from firefighting to hunting to motorsports to every sports team under the sun, but the nerds were left out! I asked other brides on lots of internet forums and they all said they hadn’t seen any but if I ever found them to spread the word. They wanted them, too!

I never did find one and didn’t figure out how to make them until after our wedding. But I figured all the brides looking for them should have them. So I got started sewing in the summer of 2008. I figured it would help keep me busy, since I teach art in a high school and had my summer off. Now I’m really happy to help out brides, make grooms smile and show that geeks need love too!

Why are my items great for geeks?
What’s turns a geek on more than knowing there’s a D-20 under your lady’s skirt?

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?
Myself, I’m an art geek, a gadget geek, and a little bit of an anime geek. I don’t know if it qualifies but I’m a total home design geek! I get really excited over a great throw pillow or light fixture! I’m currently working on redecorating our den and using my husband’s vintage Empire Strikes Back poster (from the original 1980 theater release!) as the center of the design.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ladymorgue
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 20:41:34

    that storm-trooper garter is very sexy. Omg, you should totally make boxers that read “I’m giving it all I got Captain!”. Or “Parted from me and never parted. Never and always touching and touched” t- shirts for brides and grooms or even moms to be.


  2. Amy
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 15:59:19

    I think I need one of those scarves.


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