1 Day Until Pax

Tomorrow is the big day, and I hope we are ready! Today’s final countdown to PAX post, and possibly one of the last posts you’ll see until Monday depending on how busy we get out here, is a quick preview of the panels we are the most interested in. Panels are great because you get to hear from people on specific topics and often have some good question and answer time with those people. This blog was conceived during the Geek is No Longer a Four Letter Word panel at PAX East, so we especially appreciate how panels can spark ideas. Here are some that look great to us.
This was the Pitch Your Game Panel at PAX East.
Friday 10:30am
*The Keynote
This year’s keynote is being given by Warren Spector, a story teller and game designer. I am especially interested in him because he is also a Disney Geek who made Epic Mickey.

Friday 11:30am
*Penny Arcade Q&A
Gabe and Tycho stand on stage with mics and there are mics in the audience and people totally just ask them questions. It is pretty awesome, if you like Gabe and Tycho. If not, what are you doing at PAX again?

Friday 12:00noon
The Myth of the Gamer Girl: True Demographic or Anthropological Hooha
This panel includes women in jobs such as product and community manager at companies including Microsoft discussing what game developers should consider when making games that would appeal to girl gamers because we are out there! I may not make this one due to the Q&A, but someone should go and take notes!

Friday 3:30pm
Making Stories Worth Playing
A conversation with interactive fiction writers and game designers about how to make good stories into good games.

Friday 8:00pm
Get Your Girlfight On
This will be an all-female live podcast from the women of IGN talking about their favorite games and perspectives on female gaming.

Friday 8:30pm
*Giant Bomb Podcast
Live podcasts are fun. We went to Joystiq’s at PAX East and had a blast. I don’t know the guys from Giant Bomb as well as Joystiq, but my husband adores them and this promises to be a fun time.

Saturday 11:00am
*Raising Geek Generation 2.0: Roll for Parenting Ability
This is a panel of some of our favorite GeekDads and a few guests and friends (and possibly the left half of Paul and Storm!) talking about raising geek kids in the technology age. A not to missed event about the importance of passing the geekiness on to the next generation.

Saturday 2:30pm
Acquisitions Incorporated: D&D Live!
Gabe is going to run a live DnD game and you can influence it through texting! Also includes Tycho, Wil, and Scott Kurtz. This sounds like a great time!

Saturday 4:30
*Women Own: A Conversation with Researchers, Professionals, and Gamers
This panel looks to address issues in women’s equality in gaming, why we are often left out and forgotten, and what we can do about that. Definitely issues we can get behind!

Saturday 6:30pm
Wil Wheaton
Wil is going to Q&A for an hour. ‘nuff said.

Sunday 12:00noon
The Art of the Dungeon Master
This is a consistent panel at PAX geared to helping you take your DnD to the next level. DM-ing is hard, so might as well discuss it with others to see what you can come up with!

Sunday 12:30pm
So, I Have This Website …
This is a panel all about what to do when you are ready to take your internet skills to the next level run by guys who have done just that for sites like EA and Insomniac Games. Talk will be about community management and publicity.

Sunday 5:30pm
*The Final Round of the Omegathon
How better to end a weekend of PAX then to watch the final teams take each other down in a  fabulously insane competition? I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be … just before the run to catch my plane home!

I’ve listed the panels I’m most interested in, but other panels include an assortment on breaking into video game journalism and the video game industry if that’s your thing. Also, keep an eye out for Omegathon events if you like watching hardcore gaming competition! No matter what you choose, it promises to be an exciting couple of days and it all starts tomorrow!

If you are looking to catch up with us at PAX, look for us at the panels I’ve starred above or keep an eye out for my bright blue D20 scarf. Also, I’ll be updating the twitter with my plans, locations, and t-shirts for easier spotting!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eleni
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 17:23:22

    So many of those sound awesome, I really wish I was going!

    I have to put in a little plug for my blogger friend Holly who has a panel about costuming awesomeness on Friday at 8pm in the Wolfram Theater. Probably most interesting for Mass Effect fans or people interested in cosplay/hardcore costumes (see her blog here: http://sorceryandglue.blogspot.com/). Shame the panel is the same time as Get Your Girlfight On.


  2. Chronic Geek
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 19:38:21

    I hope those at PAX are having a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to some posts about it! 🙂


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