4 Days Until PAX: Celebrities

One of the great things about going to places like PAX is the possibility of running into someone totally awesome like Wil Wheaton. Okay, that’s my dream, but there are many equally awesome celebrities to be found at PAX and here’s how to find them, and how not to freak out when you do!
Two of my favorite celebs in one place! Swoon!
Bandland: At PAX there is a place called Bandland where the musical guests and some other pre-planned celebrities hang out at various times to meet their adoring fandom. For the major celebs, such as Wil and even Jonathan Coulton, you need to keep an eye on the times they will be there and wait in lines. If you want MC Frontalot, we talked to him three times at PAX East. Others in Bandland include other musical guests and Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub.

Gabe and Tycho: These two are all over the place, and I’ve seen them stop to greet a fan or two if not in a hurry, but they are awfully busy. They do have a signing time on Sunday after the Q&A, and you can bet that I’ll be in that line!

Random: PAX is a busy location. There may be people swarming the floor at all times. Keep an eye out for your favorite game developers (my husband met Tim Schafer at PAX 2009) or your favorite video game journalists (I’m watching for Justin McElroy in case anyone wants to tip me off!). Most of these will be aware that people want to get autographs and stuff from them, but be aware that they may have their own agenda too.

Some notes: Bring something to sign. That is, if you want signatures and don’t feel like you have to buy a $15-20 item at each celeb’s spot. They can sign your PAX badges, but that is a pretty limited space, though cool.

Also, relax! Celebrities are people too! No need to get crazy. You can tell them crazy things (like how I told Wil that I had been in love with him since I was 12), but try not to get too tongue tied.

Okay, who’s camping out in Wil’s line with me?

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