1 Week Until PAX: Gabe!

O.M.G. We are only a week away from the greatest video game convention this year! I’m already in Seattle learning the lay of the land. Actually, I’m at ISME, the International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. That’s been pretty great. Still, I’m more excited than ever about PAX. I have a color coded, highlighted schedule. I have handmade costumes for the pub crawl. I have a collection of games to play in line. Yeah, I’m close to ready.

Now, I just have to worry about one more thing: how to not go super-crazy-squee-fangirl when I meet Gabe and Tycho! Last week, we highlighted just how awesome and incredible Tycho is, and this week we’re going to talk all about the ever-so-much fun Gabe! Gabe is so hilarious that it has been tough not making this article really, really, really, long. I hope that you enjoy Gabe as much as we do, and I hope that he’s incredibly awesome close-up and in person!

Sexy Gabe is sexy!

Gabe takes his gaming very seriously. Especially his Pokeman.

However, his tabletop skills are still being worked on, along with his poker face.

He has been learning a lot about becoming a DM for DnD though. Gabe may not be the wordy guy, but he can get creative with a good story.

However, Gabe has come a long way with his DM skills.

I think what appeals to me most about Gabe is how real-life and down to earth he is. I mean, He tweets from the bathroom …

… he worries about trips to his in-laws, and actually, this is pretty similar to what my husband packs for every trip …

and, speaking of husbands, Gabe was awesome enough to propose to Kara on the comic! How could you not say “yes” to that adorably drawn face!

Gabe was also awesome enough to admit to us, his loyal readers, that he has an anxiety disorder.

Personally, I really love Gabe mostly due to his and my overlapping interests, like the X-Files.

Gabe has the greatest game moves, ever.

And finally, Gabe is just so awesome, that sometimes the coolest things happen to him!

Can’t wait to meet you at PAX, Gabe, oh, and don’t forget to let us know where Kara will be as well!

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