Timewaster Tuesday: The PAX Line Game

PAX East was Dawn’s and my first PAX experience. We had been told by my husband who went to PAX prime in 2009 that there would be a lot of standing in line, but really, there is A LOT of standing in line. Fortunately, my family are excellent as wasting time in lines as we have years of Disney experience to work with. Also, we are just a little bit creative. Therefore, Dawn and I used the opportunity to invent a brand new game specific to PAX that could be played in line at PAX. We like to invent games, you know. So, for all of you planning on waiting in numerous lines at PAX Prime 2010 coming up in just under two weeks (squee!), here is our game for you to play along with!
The basis of the game is a “Going on a Picnic” style game. We’ve mentioned those before. What that means, is that there is a string of things in alphabetical order that you have to remember as the game goes on. The things for PAX, of course, are gaming oriented:

1. A video game character
2. A game that could be played in a PAX line

Here’s how the game starts. One person starts with a video game character who’s name begins with A.

“Aeris was waiting in line for the keynote at PAX.”

Then you add a game that starts with A that that person was playing.

“And Aeris pulled out Apples to Apples to waste some time.”

Then the next person picks up with B

“then a Big Daddy joined the line and decided that he would much rather play Boticelli, so he kicked over Aeris with her Apples to Apples”

You start with the newest letter and work backwards to A every time someone adds to the game.

The best part of this game, just like any other game we invent, is the part where you not only use the appropriate letters, but also create a huge insane storyline to go with the game. At PAX East we had Chocobos running around the fields of Carcassone and Donkey Kong getting mad that no one would sit still for DnD.

As you can see, this game offers plenty of time wasting as you have to consider the matching characters and games for the letters, and also remember the whole string each time. We played it for two days at PAX East and didn’t finish, so it can go on for a while. However, it can be played multiple times with completely different characters and games, so enjoy the variablilty!


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