Top Ten Science Songs

I like Science! Acutally, I am a scientist, a microbiologist even. I’m also a musician and a lover of music. Therefore, I am always amused when I’m listening to music and find some Science! in my my music. This is a top ten list of my favorites songs that talk about science subjects. I applied some rules in putting together this list: one song per artist. Other wise I might have just had a list of JoCo and TMBG. Which isn’t a bad playlist now that I think about it …

This is part of one of my doctoral experiments. Yay Science!

10. She Blinded Me with Science! by Thomas Dolby
This is just barely a science song, but I appreciate its constant use of Science! over and over again. Highly amusing, and almost everyone has heard it. Let’s call it a gateway science song.

9. Diseases of Yore by MC Frontalot
I love Front. I really do. He’s awesomely geeky. However, he’s less than sciency, so there’s not a lot of science songs (though there are a few math ones). This one though is right up my alley because it’s mostly a list of awesome deadly diseases. That’s science, right?

8. Carbon Monoxide by Cake
This is one fun song. When my husband got this album, I latched onto it right away. I run to it. It’s only science in that it’s talking about car emissions which lead to pollution and global warming. Cake is a big green band, so they know their stuff. I’m an ecologist, so I like their stuff.

7. Fuck the Creationists by MC Hawking
MC Hawking was one of the greatest things to happen to scientific hip hop. A really impressive guy writes these and puts together the music with the computer generated voice we associate with Stephen Hawking. I’m particularly fond of this particular one due to the scientific and social implications.

6. Meet the Elements by They Might Be Giants
I got to hear this one first in concert on New Year’s this past year. I fell in love instantly since it starts with one of my favorite elements: iron. Yes, I have favorite elements. I study it, what of it? Anyway, they have a whole CD of science! songs. It’s “supposedly” for kids. That didn’t stop my husband and I from getting “No” however.

5. Pancreas by Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al is always good for geeky references, and he does not disappoint in science with a whole song about the pancreas! Not my favorite organ, btw, because mine gets on my nerves, but still, a fun song. Lots of science. This would be fun to play in anatomy, if someday I happen to teach anatomy.

4. The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas by Hy Zaret and performed by TMBG
I know, you think that I broke my rule because this is a TMBG song and I did them back a few, but actually it is a TMBG cover and therefore is a loophole, hah! It’s also one of the first science songs everyone learned back in the day. We can all sing the beginning. Although, they’ve adjusted the lyrics to make them more scientifically accurate. I think that only makes it cooler.

3. NaCl by Kate and Anna McGarrigle
This is what happens when you troll the internet looking for songs about science. You find an awesome song about ions and ionic bonds. That happens to be the very topic I talked about today at work! The tune is quite folksy, but I like that kind of stuff.

2. That Spells DNA by Jonathan Coulton
I have a nerdy playlist on my itunes at work which I play once in a while to drive my labmates crazy. This one though always catches people’s attention because we happen to be a lab that works with DNA on a semi-regular basis, and it’s catchy. This means that every time I extract some DNA, or clone some DNA, or measure DNA, I start to sing this. The only problem is the minor lack of scientific accuracy. There is no DNA in red blood cells, so it is not in “every part of your body”. JoCo has other science songs too, but this is the most sciency. However, I do like to sing “these points of data make a beautiful line” when I make graphs.

1. The PCR Song by Scientists for Better PCR
This is just proof that scientists have a sense of humor and some serious talent. We went crazy when this hit the internet, and, come on, it’s pretty catchy. I mean it really is amazing what heating and cooling and heating and cooling can do! Come on everyone, sing along with me as the top ten list ends … PCR …


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jaclyn
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 20:14:47

    A song about ionic bonding? Why have I not heard of this before? My chemistry teaching self is rejoicing, but I’m sure my students will be groaning when I play it for them in a few months.


    • GirlsAreGeeks
      Aug 18, 2010 @ 20:22:19

      Totally discovered that randomly! I love it too. I imagine that if I’m ever teaching introductory chemistry it will be played. Or maybe even introductory biology, just because.



  2. CheshireKait
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 13:10:21

    I love Cake’s Carbon Monoxide! (“After car, after bus, after this our lungs will be so F@$*%d up!”) I also love Weird Al, who is the ultimate song-geek. I especially love his Star Wars-related songs!


    • GirlsAreGeeks
      Aug 21, 2010 @ 21:28:23

      I used to play Carbon Monoxide so much it started to annoy my Cake-loving husband, hehe. And, yeah, I always sing “And the Jedi I admire most …” In the middle of American Pie. It’s a problem.



  3. MelissaD
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 21:01:52

    Thought of this post when I watched the latest episode of “Eureka”. Joe burst into song – “She Blinded Me With Science” – complete with a laser light show and spotlight – in the center of the Global Dynamics building 🙂

    all the geeks were rocking out – too funny!


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