3 Weeks Until PAX: Favorite T-Shirts

PAX will soon be upon us, and that means we are starting to plan important things, like what to wear to PAX! Although we have some amusing plans for the Harry Potter themed pub crawl, the rest of the time we are probably going to be in classic geek attire: t-shirts. It just so happens that Penny Arcade sells t-shirts, and some pretty awesome ones at that, so today we are going to highlight a few of our favorites.

Now, Penny Arcade’s selection of shirts in women’s cuts could be better (we might be trying to start a petition for all designs to be released in girl cut …), but there are quite a few enjoyable ones, including a number that we own!

This is the infinite slide based on the game Portal and portrayed in this strip. This shirt confuses more people in my lab than anything else I wear. I guess they’re just not thinking with portals.

Dawn’s favorite shirt, being a photography major, . Apparently it is even more awesome when you sing “Photoshop hero” to the tune of “Jukebox hero”. However, one time someone did shout “sweet flare!” at her.

This is my awesome DnD night shirt. Invariably, when I wear it, someone asks me what it is that rogues do, and I respond simply with, “well, stab you in the back, of course.” You know that’s not what they were thinking. Dirty minds, those scientists have.

This is another I adore, because Tetris is just one of those games that will always be awesome. Also, my husband made me a Lego heart once and sent it to me while I was at camp, and this reminds me of it!

If you’ve ever played Magic, or even watched, then you totally already get what this shirt is trying to say. If you don’t then, seriously go play a round of Magic and you’ll have it figured out!

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know, because there are so many awesome designs that Penny Arcade makes! Right now, the Merch store for Penny Arcade is down, while they switch to a new warehouse (Good timing guys!) but we expect it to back up and running better than ever. So be sure to keep checking back.


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  1. Lisa M
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 10:28:14

    ZOMG! you don’t even know! they have Erika on board now at PA. I has a long talk with her about the girly shirts from PA while at their SDCC booth. She has ALREADY stood up for the fight against poorly cut baby dolls, and the latest girls shirt is a totally excellent cut! (the Mosey shirt, which also comes in a pretty blue for women) And her input will weigh in more in all the shirts. The future of better women’s shirts at the Penny Arcade store is NOW. 🙂 (she’s @egreco on twitter 🙂 )


    • GirlsAreGeeks
      Aug 13, 2010 @ 11:18:51

      That’s great! Maybe I’ll get to see her at PAX if she’ll be there. I love the designs, but yeah, the cuts are not great and the limitation of designs doesn’t help. I will expect great things in the future though! We were chatting with Nintendo shirt designers about their shirts, and now Penny Arcade, be taking over the whole geek shirt world soon!



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