Flickr Finds 08/10/10

Wil Wheaton’s Soapy Discovery

Were you at GenCon? No? Missed it like us, then. No worries though, there is an abundance of photographic proof that you missed an awesome weekend over at the Group, like this one of Wil Wheaton with a Tardis soap from Dammit Liz.


Is every geek out there craftier than me? Pretty sure that at least Mindboggld is! This PacMan block is absolutely adorable.

Linux Love

Love it. A nerdy take on the classic ring-heart-book photo that has been floating around the internet. Check out what the heart is highlighting. From clay.oster.

Shark week may have ended, but this cute re-imagined Fail-Whale from Justin Rampage makes me feel like I’m still there!

Museum WannaBe’s

This last find isn’t actually from Flickr at all, but something I saw while searching today made me think of it. Check out some of the video entries for all the folks entering the Month at the Museum contest. Some of them are pretty darn geeky!

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  1. Brendan Ross
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 20:39:13

    Good news is that the kind of people who run a museum are probably the kind that appreciate a good, geeky video.

    At least I hope they do. Otherwise, I’m screwed.


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