4 Weeks Until PAX: Strip Sagas

We are getting so close to PAX and it’s so exciting! Just under a month to go and we’ll be in Seattle. Our theme for this week’s countdown is actually quite timely as we are going to discuss some of the continuing stories that Penny Arcade has done over their years. Although most stips are just snippets from the lives of Gabe and Tycho, once in a while a story requires more than one strip and becomes what I call a saga. Here are just a few of my favorites.

I’ll start recent, because we just got to see what I think was one of the best stories on Penny Arcade. Although the idea was conceived by Gabe and Tycho, it was implemented fabulously by  Ben Caldwell and Gary Whitta. Start with part one and then click forward to read the whole story.

This was actually a prequel to the original saga which can be found here. Automata is my husband’s favorite of their sagas. My favorite is a little different!

Enter the Cardboard Tube Samurai! This became quite an exciting storyline the first time. Check it out starting here.

This story was so exciting that it spawned another saga found here. Here’s the first one. Isn’t he just so cute?

I’m only going to highlight one more saga, although if you are browsing through the archives, feel free to check out some others including Further Songs of Sorcelation, Paint the Line, Lookouts and you might recall the Fruit Fucker from last week’s post!

Our last highlight goes to How the Illithid Stole Lolthmas. Mostly because Penny Arcade plus Dr. Suess can only equal magic.

Enjoy this early holiday treat and read a saga a night this week while we countdown closer and closer to PAX!

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