5 Weeks Until PAX: Favorite Anthropomorphic Strip Characters

The countdown continues as we draw yet another week closer to PAX. As I’ve read Gabe and Tycho’s strips over the years, I’ve noticed that my husband and I are often drawn to some of the interesting characters that appeared over the years. Although we’ve encountered many great parodies of people who know and some interesting DnD characters, the most amusing ones tend to be the anthropomorphic creations that steal the show more often than not. Today, we offer a tribute to these lovable (sometimes) creatures.

First, one of everyone’s favorites: The Fruit Fucker. He’s featured here in his first appearance getting Brenna covered in juice. The next three parts of that saga can be found here and here and here.

You’d think that was enough for him, but no, no it wasn’t enough.

The Fruit Fucker even makes triumphant reappearances such as during the Armadeaddon.

The next favorite in the land of Penny Arcade anthropomorphic creatures is the living, breathing, joke cracking, insulting DivX Player, commonly referred to as Div.

Div has reappeared on numerous occasions since. I find him to be witty and often to have wonderful insight into, well, everything. Here are two of my favorites.

Our next friend is my husband’s favorite, and that’s probably because he is constantly correcting my gammar skills (Dawn too!). It’s Mr. Period!
Mr. Period is especially useful if you read lots of forums or comments on posts in various places. He’s great for helping with the hyperbole problem rampant with game reviews (wow, I think I just channeled Tycho. Ten points and a virtual cupcake for a fun translation of that sentence!).
There are actually too many of these awesome guys for just one post, so here are some honorable mentions for your viewing pleasure: Ruxpin and Rex Ready. Really, they are worth the extra minute or two.

And to end this post, just a reminder that Penny Arcade has one more lovable character, that is, lovable unless you don’t buy enough swag from the store, because then the cute little Merch becomes: the Fleshreaper!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thejoepilato
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 16:09:32

    “because he is constantly correcting my gammar skills”
    If this was intentional, A+. If not, aaaaaaahahah(I’m not what you would call a nice geek)ahaha!


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