Geek Crush: GeekDad’s Matt Blum

July’s geek crush in none other than the assistant editor for one of our favorite blogs, Geek Dad. We love Matt Blum (who we here at Girls Are Geeks endearingly call cerebus19 because that’s his twitter!). Why? How could you not? He writes awesome blog posts about movies, iPhones, and other geeky topics, and he’s obsessed with bacon.

Matt’s Great Bacon Odyssey

It started as a project to try different bacon flavored products “so you don’t have to.” Bacon popcorn, bacon gumballs, bacon chocolate bars (actually that one is pretty delicious!) were all tested and rated on appearance, smell, taste and other important qualities of bacon-infused food. (Hey Matt, if you go back to this, try the bacon infused vodka!)

Candying bacon for ice cream

However, the project has since expanded into bacon cooking projects as well, offering a $25 ThinkGeek gift certificate to someone who submits an idea he uses. So far he’s tried a bacon-wrapped burger, bacon-fried chicken, and most recently bacon ice cream. (We kind of hope he’ll try our bacon muffins and cupcakes!)

Maybe Matt just loves the glorious flavor of the crispy, greasy goodness that is bacon. Or perhaps he is just so loyal to his GeekDad readers that he’s willing to sacrifice his own taste buds to put it all to the test. Either way — totally crush worthy.

It’s not all about bacon …

We enjoy reading all of Matt’s articles for GeekDad. Like us, Matt writes a number of awesome top ten lists. Check out Geeky Laws That Should Exist, and More. We also like his list of Minor Characters in Geek Fiction.

He also has no problem running various geeky experiments (outside of bacon!) and even using his kids as test subjects. He’s tested a number of iPhone 4 features for us, like a camera comparison to the iPhone 3GS and a demonstration of fireworks photography.

Fireworks shot with iPhone 4

He has fabulous taste. Music-wise, Matt’s a fan of Jonathan Coulton (who we recently got to see!) and They Might Be Giants. Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of his favorite movies (ours too!) Television-wise, he watches (or watched in some cases) Battlestar Galactica, House, and Firefly (Can you guess yet that we totally agree?), as well as the geeky Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb. And of course, as any good geek he’s a fan of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild.

Honestly, I could spend hours praising and you could spend days of enjoyment reading all of Matt’s posts over at GeekDad. He’s a fabulous writer who obviously knows his audience extremely well (since he is a living, breathing, geek dad). Even if you’re not a parent (or you are a parent but not a geek) check him out at Geek Dad.

Also, he totally saw Wil Wheaton at Pax East!

So even though Matt probably loves bacon more than he loves us, and he’s not going to PAX prime to see us, he’s still our geek crush for this month!

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  1. Zachary Kessin
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 12:33:09

    Matt is a very cool guy, And I say that having known him for almost 20 years (We were room-mates in college)


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