6 Weeks Until PAX: Guest Comics

We all love the artistic styles of Gabe and the witty banter of Tycho, but sometimes it’s fun to see Penny Arcade from a different point of view. As our excitement of PAX grows nearer, we are taking some time to admire the people who help keep Penny Arcade going when Gabe and Tycho are busy doing important things, like, you know, running PAX. Many of the guest strips appear during or after big events such as PAX, PAX East or other extensive trips. It’s fun seeing what these other artists do with the world of Gabe and Tycho, and we are going to showcase a few of our favorites.

I want to start with a Girls Are Geeks favorite, and a previous Geeky Woman Role Model: Erika Moen with this strip:

She really got inside their heads, and then took it somewhere, well, interesting.

Another guest strip from the day after Erica’s comes from Kate Beaton, writer of Hark, a Vagrant which is a collection of historical, nerdy comics. She sees Gabe and Tycho in an interesting way. You might even classify it as pre-slash, if you can fanfic Penny Arcade.

Gabe and Tycho must have been really out of ideas to let these last two slide through.

Guest artists truly became a necessity after PAX Prime 2009 PAX POX struck our usual heroes. Fortunately, Bill Amend was around to make sure Gabe got the proper treatment.

Jon Rosenburg, however, had a more dire outlook on the situation.

And great ideas get repeated, a week later by Kazu Kibuishi.

Gabe and Tycho survived PAX pox and swine flu and Siguorney Weaver and came back with their usual amusement soon after that last one, don’t worry.

For our last spotlight on Penny Arcade guest artists, there was a whole series of Lookouts strips done by Becky Dreistadt and Oliver Grigsby. Here is the first one, part 2 of the story started by Gabe and Tycho, and links to parts 3, 4, and 5.

There we have a small sampling of some of the great guest talent in the webverse and what they can do with, and to, our favorite Penny Arcade characters. Hopefully the iron guard will keep us all healthy at PAX Prime 2010, but if not, we’ll be ready for whomever takes up the pen, or mouse, or stylus, to ever continue to the adventures of Gabe and Tycho.


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