Geeky Woman Role Model: Natali

This month we are highlighting a woman with a dream. I know many of us have dreams, but let me tell you a bit about this one. Natali dreams of a place where geeks can get together with their family’s, have some healthy Earth-friendly food and beverages, and check out local artists. Let me tell you, it’s a place I would like to visit. However, what makes Natali, or UberDorkGirlie as some know her, a Geeky Woman Role Model is that she is trying to make this dream a reality through Kickstarter, and you can help!

First of all, let me tell you a bit about Natali. She describes herself as “A shoot-from-the-hip, anti-pink (yet almost gaggingly perky), non-traditional, can cuss like a sailor but loves insanely and has the save the world syndrome gal who is bracing for a future as a Crazy Cat Lady though she secretly hopes like hell it doesn’t come true.” She’s also a single mother of two, and she’s raising them right: with Star Wars and the Goonies. She has been in graphic and web design and in health care running a group home for people with chronic mental illness. She cares about people, all people, a lot.

Natali’s Geek Cred is pretty strong. She was teaching a BASIC programming class by the fifth grade. She lived the world of gifted and talented and advanced classes, a world I am all too familiar with. She likes to spend her time in a strip mall with a comic book store and a science surplus store (which I need to check out immediately!). Did I mention she’s got her kids hooked on Star Wars?

Now, onto the dream. It’s called the UberDork Cafe. Natali envisions this as a place for geeks to gather and feed their bodies and minds. It was inspired by Natali’s daughters, and involves places for geeky kids to meet other geeky kids, food for them and “more than just chicken fingers and fries”, and a place for them to learn all the geeky habits that got all of us made fun of. The idea is that it is a place for the up and coming generation of geek to feel involved and accepted. I think of it as a place where everyone knows your gamertag. However, read what Natali has to say because she really describes it best.

Here’s the best part about Natali’s dream of the UberDork Cafe: every one of you can help her out! If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter it is an online forum where people can ask for donations to get their dream going. If they reach a specified amount of money, then that dream gets funded and hopefully kickstarted into something that can sustain itself. If the goal is not reached, everyone gets their donations back. The UberDork Cafe is a project that NEEDS to be funded, because it is the place I would have liked to go as a kid. Natali is doing great so far. She’s halfway there with a month to go, but every dollar counts.

Here’s what you can do to help her out. Donate any amount, even $1.00, to the kickstarted project here. Follow the UberDorkCafe on twitter. Check out the facebook page. Also, tell everyone you know about this incredible woman and her incredible project.

Every dork needs a dream, and this is one who deserves to see hers come true and has the will and way to make it happen. That’s why Natali, the UberDorkGirlie, is Girls Are Geeks Geeky Woman Role Model for the month of July. You go, girlie!


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