Video Game Themed Dinner and a Movie

Dawn is staying at my (Rosalind’s) place for the summer, and my husband, Billy, and I are using the opportunity to introduce her to a variety of movies and tv shows that she’s missed. One of these was The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, one of the greatest Geek documentaries about the rivalry of Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell’s attempts to get the high score in Donkey Kong.

As we planned the evening, Dawn and Billy were concocting this idea to make the fireballs from Donkey Kong as cookies. Well, then we decided that if we were going to have fireballs, there should be barrels. And what’s dessert without a few new cocktails? So Dawn decided to invent the Princess Peach and Billy, not to be outdone, started considering the drink Link’s Triforce. This continued on for a while.

Once the gluten-free flour dust had all settled, we had managed an entirely video game themed dinner, movie, dessert, and drinks based on some favorite classic Nintendo games. We thought you might want to see how this all turned out!

Pac Man Pizza

As you can tell, we started the evening with Pac Man pizza. Since I’m gluten-intolerant, we had gluten-free dough made with millet, sorghum, garbanzo bean, and tapioca flours. Then we spread it out and cut out Pac-men, ghosts, and power pellets.

We topped them with sauce and cheese and some with pepperoni. We also used food coloring to make the cheese yellow and blue. Watch our Pac-man go after the ghost.

Donkey Kong Cookies

Now, onto dessert! Dessert was made from sugar cookies, again gluten-free. There were two different sugar cookie doughs, one had cocoa added for barrels and one had little cinnamon pieces added for the fireballs. We made shapes and decorated with a buttercream icing.

The fireballs have cinnamon pieces for eyes! Then, we let our Donkey Kong loose on the whole thing.

Classic Cocktails

Last, we made some fabulous drinks to go along with our cookies. Dawn created The Princess Peach. You mix 1 part each of peach schnapps and vodka to 4 parts pineapple juice over ice. Then, you put a splash of grenadine in the bottom, and strain the pineapple mix and pour it over slowly and carefully to create a peach swirl. Doesn’t it look pretty in the red wine goblet? It tastes fabulously fruity.

The last drink was created by Billy, and it is Link’s Triforce. This drink consists of equal parts Irish cream, creme de menthe, and goldschlager. The goldschlager has little gold pieces so the drink is green with gold flecks, and has three parts, therefore Link’s Triforce.

Dawn said that Link’s Triforce tasted like toothpaste, because it was minty with a taste of cinnamon, but I loved it. Billy also preferred The Princess Peach.

So, there you have an evening in the life of me, my sister Dawn, my husband Billy, a very geeky evening.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 20:34:45

    A very geeky evening = a very good one. I can’t wait to try The Princess Peach, and part of the reason is how pretty it looks in the glass!


  2. Sci Fi Sweetheart
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 12:28:14

    Looks like a deliciously geeky meal! I love the mixed drinks idea 🙂


  3. E. Peterman
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 21:38:15

    I am so hungry right now! Great photos.


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