Venn Diagram Tables

I know we usually post our own Venn diagram for you to enjoy on Friday’s, but I couldn’t resist these when I saw them! Thanks to Apartment Therapy (I may or may not have a slight obsession with interior decorating …) I found these amazing tables, reminiscent of those lovely informative graphical masterpieces. (We have a lot of love for Venn diagrams here at Girls Are Geeks).

The tables are called Hues and are produced by Outofstock. The set consists of nesting tables constructed from painted steel and waterjet-cut low iron glass. Because of the transparent qualities of the glass, you can nest the tables in a variety of arrangements to make intricate and colorful Venn diagrams for your living room.

There’s no information on whether or not you can purchase these or if that option will be available in the future. For now we’ll just have to imaging the possibilities. For instance: do dry erase markers work on these tables? Because if they do, we could totally make a geeky and dynamic decorating decision with interactive Venn diagrams.

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