Geeky Etsy Finds 7-1-10 – The Science! and Cthulhu Edition

Well, it’s the first day of July, which is Canada Day btw! The summer is already flying by, it’s crazy. It’s another Thursday and that means Etsy Finds! I love trolling etsy. My wallet hates it. We have big discussions on the problem often that go a lot like this. ME: Oh, I love that I so want it! WALLET: Sure, you can have that, if you don’t buy any groceries and default on your student loans. ME: But … but … pretty … WALLET: Oh, I see, you want to go on the buy pretty things instead of food diet. ME: dejected arrr.

However, I highly suggest you go right on over to Etsy and buy these awesome things right now!


Let me tell you, we have some seriously crafty geeks out there, and this is one of my favorite geek crafts. When you think crochet, you usually think baby blankets or something, right? Not here! Here you find terror inducing cosmic entities, but they are just so cute, aren’t they?

What do you make?

Right now, I’m making Tiny Crocheted Cthulhus. They’re about 5 inches tall and have a 6-7 inch wingspan. They’re one of the cutest ancient evils out there! It’s a free pattern; I got the pattern-creator’s permission to sell them.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

My name is Ruth, I work in a library and am going to start library school this fall. I’ve been a crafter for years but never found anything that interesting to crochet. After I got on a Lovecraft-reading binge, I started looking into Cthulhu crafts and was excited by how easy and fun these are to make. The work-in-progress is almost as portable as the finished product (and at about 5″ tall, these guys fit very well in purses and bags) and it became my regular commuting craft.

What makes your items great for geeks?

Lovecraft & Cthulhu have always had a special place with geeks. hether it’s because we love sci-fi or RPGs, Cthulhu has caught on very well in the last 20 years of geek culture. These Cthulhus are great for people who love to collect geeky toys and plushies. They’re also fun for the crowd that likes soft & squeezable. A number of people I know keep them on their work desks, some on their toy shelves, and some just around the house. I created a page of Cthulhus at Home to showcase some of the ones I’ve sold.

They’re also great for people like me who can’t touch regular plushies because we’re over-sensitive to certain tactile sensations.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

All kinds of stuff. I love reading all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy. I am both a Star Wars and Star Trek fan (DS9 FTW!). I love all things Whedon and am over halfway through Battlestar Galactica and really impressed with the ‘verse. I’ve done some RPGing and would like to do
more in the future. I also like html/css and learning about code, logic numbers, etc. When my brain grasps something like that, I get a geek high.

I’m trying to get into comics more, I like graphic novels but have had a harder time following comics. One of my friends lent me Green Lantern comics for the summer and will be taking me to Baltimore Comic-Con at the end of the summer, which I’m very excited about.


Science Kitty

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I like science! quite a lot. I’ll admit, I’m a scientist, so maybe I’m biased, but still, watching interesting little bugs do amazing things for hours, who wouldn’t want to do that? What’s that weird look for? Anyway, this shop is a great combination of science and the funky and fun science and fantasy crossover: steampunk. Enjoy! I do.

What do you make?

I like to combine unusual or surprising materials, such as salvaged laboratory equipment, recycled electronic components, repurposed watch parts, and other mechanical gadgets with more conventional jewelry components and textile materials to create fun and unique jewelry and other wearable creations. Micro-mechanical butterfly necklaces and pipette tip earrings are my most popular creations. In the future, I plan on making larger robotic sculptures.

Who are you / how did you get started?

Since I was very young I have had a passion for observing and understanding nature and designing and building things. I have always enjoyed making jewelry and other wearable art for my friends and family, learning new techniques and collecting art supplies and parts of old things for my creations. My mother has always wanted me to try selling my creations but I was not sure of the best way to do this. I learned about Etsy while attending the 2009 Maker Faire. Soon afterwards I opened my own Etsy store.

I am a molecular biologist and in particular help other researchers understand the machinery of life by developing new experimental methods and designing equipment to carryout these new experiments. I find that the best designs while taking a lot of thought to create end up being elegantly simple. While overall I find my job very rewarding, the managerial and administrative work can get exhausting. Designing and fabricating my wearable creations is a fun and reviving change of pace. I have also found the kind spirit and appreciation of my customers very gratifying.

What makes my items great for geeks?

My work mirrors my own fascination for geeky things.

What sort of geeky things are you into?

Outside of work, I love camping and hiking and started combining this with my new interest for prospecting and rock polishing. To go on longer trips my husband and I fix up our 1985 VW camper van (a mobile work in progress). More recently, I have started repairing antique sewing machines and hope to use one to make some cool bags out of leather recycled from old jackets.


Okay, some final words from ME: (I may have duck-taped the wallet shut after removing my credit card, so it won’t be talking anymore) Go buy these awesome things!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Budd
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 08:38:28

    I really like the steampunk butterflies. Those are really cool.


  2. Ruth
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 08:52:28

    Thanks so much for featuring the little Cthulhus! 🙂


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