Weekly Flickr Finds: 6/8/10 – 6/14/10

Domo Arigato

Mitten roboto! Aren’t these just the best cold-weather wear you’ve ever seen? Get.wise made them as a wedding present, but I would love a pair myself!

There’s more great stuff under the cut!

Darth Vader Loves Building Block Birthday Candles

This beautifully done birthday cake  by PerpetualKid encompasses both Star Wars and Lego into its geeky design. Not to mention, I might be a cake decorating geek a little bit too!

Baby Boy Quilt

Wendymoon Designs made this gorgeous quilt. Check out all the geeky detailing: circuit board, robots, and a little science fiction thrown in with the aliens. We here at Girls Are Geeks can’t get over good practical applications of geek and talent!

Where It’s At Earrings

We absolutely love these earring posted by Pfctdayelise; Who doesn’t want gorgeous “at”-symbols dangling from their ears. Also be sure to check out the photostream for more. I’m a big fan of the camel tangram earrings, myself.

Geeky Chess

If you are a Mario fan (and what self-respecting geek isn’t?) then you should probably check out these adorable charms by Frl. Schrödinger. I totally want a chain chomp!


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