Geeky Woman Role Model: Jill Pantozzi

This month’s Geeky Woman Role Model, Jill Pantozzi seems to have her hands all over the internet. I first found her through her twitter, where she’s known as The Nerdy Bird. She can also be found blogging, on myspace, on the Girls Entertainment Network, and if you are lucky enough to be in the Jersey Shore area she’s also a DJ. She puts herself out there without apologies for who she is and what she likes, and according to her profiles she is a fanatic for “anything that involves girls kicking butt”. Although she’s not literally out kicking people, she definitely does her part from her computer to prove that geek girls can truly be awesome in many ways. That is why Jill is our Geeky Woman Role Model for the month of June!

Jill has been surrounded by geekiness her whole life. Her mother was into Star Trek and her older brothers helped really initiate her into the world of science fiction television, including old school Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. As her blog proudly proclaims, she “Has boobs, read comics” and is into all things comics, especially DC superheroes. She writes multiple comics columns, including a column called Hey, That’s My Cape over at News-a-rama and Double DC Coverage at the Girls Entertainment Network. She’s not above classic DC action figures either!

Jill is also awesome ina  few non-geeky ways. As well as being an awesome writer, she has Muscular Dystrophy, specifically Spinal Muscular Atrophy, diagnosed at two and a half. She has been on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for the last 18 years, and spent a couple of years being the New Jersey State Goodwill Ambassador for MDA. Her geekiness does not wane even when out raising money for MDA, recently she got to meet Batman at a Stride and Ride fundraising event.

Jill is currently a writer for MTV Splash Page, and recently got to interview the incredible Felicia Day about The Guild, amongst other things. She’s also interviewed various comic artists and Matt Smith and Stephen Moffat of Doctor Who. She is out there living the geek girl dream, and not completely stumbling over herself in fangirl squeeness while doing so. I would say that is some serious skills right there!

Let me call your attention to just a few more of Jill’s articles that really show her geeky awesomeness.

Geek Gods

This post combines two of my favorite things, Greek mythology and geek men. Her analyses of who falls into which roles are really quite spot on!

10 Women Who Need to Start Kicking Ass Again Immediately

This is a post over at the no-longer-updating site Heartless Doll, so read it quickly and file it somewhere! However, it is a perfect post for us at Girls Are Geeks, since we believe strongly in strong women kicking ass, and so does Jill!

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Jill’s experience at her first Star Trek convention, because that’s just awesome. She truly was Sokath, his eyes uncovered.

I just need to toss out there one more very important thing about Jill (important from the sisters of Girls Are Geeks perspective anyway), and that is the fact that she is a Jersey Girl, and there ain’t nothing better than a Jersey Girl, especially who knows that down the Shore, everything’s all right.

Okay. So, now you know who she is and how to find her, although if you are running around geeky things on the internet, you would be hard pressed not to spot this Nerdy Bird all over the place!

Thanks for inspiring us Jill! You are truly a Geeky Woman Role Model.


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  1. Mandy
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 14:56:19

    Jill is definitely a great role model for those of us nerdy girls who are just making ourselves known on the internet, as well as those of us who just want show our pride in being called geek. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person as well, and I can say that she’s certainly as lovely, fun and gracious as she seems.


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