Weekly Flickr Finds: 06/01/10-06/08/10

Cthulhu? Chulthu?

My guess is that Cthulhu was most likely already taken, and we’d love to see that one as well. Still a great find by Amarand Agasi.

Five more this week!


I know these are not new to Flickr this week, but I just stumbled upon these gorgeous creations by Proudly Geek, and couldn’t pass up letting you all know about them as well. The website, proudlygeek.com is all in Spanish, but not to difficult to navigate even if you don’t speak any.

Parent and Child Robot Sculpture
You absolutely need to check out these stunning robot sculptures by HerArtSheLoves. They are grogeously handcrafted, and super adorable.

Bender (Futurama) Gadget Cover

I don’t even have anything to put in this pouch, but I still want this awesome Bender (Futurama) iPhpone/iTouch cover by Nokomomo. There are tons more on the photostream and Etsy shop.
There’s a Magnet For That

Ahh, practical applications of geeky things, my favorite! These adorable magnets seen on BWKP‘s photo are perfect for a fridge, locker, desk, or door. Too bad there’s no answer on this image as to where they can be bought.

Nerdy Robot

This is a fantastic costume from a robot dance party, covered in the album by Jennifer Leduc. Now there’s a geeky party idea we didn’t cover!

As always, let us know if you find anything great on Flickr, or if you post something. You may find yourself featured next week!

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  1. Ruth
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 15:19:52

    I’m not sure I could handle having it misspelled on my car, even for the sake of having it on a license…


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