Weekly Link Goodness 6-5-10

Here’s a few neat links to take up time on your Saturday. I am going to go invent Rhubarb Cheddar Muffins. No, really, I expect great things!

Periodic Table of Women of Science Fiction – This is getting printed out and placed over my desk at work for sure. Then I’m going to try and read them all, hehehe!

A Geek Love Poem – Okay, I love the comics on this site, they are ever so funny usually. However, this is a little bit funny and a lot of adorable in a geek love kind of way. I also want to dedicate this link to my geeky friend who just engaged to her geeky man!

Looking for People Who Love Comic Con – I’m sure some of you are lucky enough to be actually going to SDCC, unfortunately, I am across the country. If you are, feel free to try and get in on this! For the interest of those reading the cute clip about it, I was proposed to with the one ring to rule them all, and it was awesome.

Jen’s Procrastination Station – need some new blogs to waste time with? Well, here is a small collection of goodies for you to check out. A link post leading to a link post … hmmm … reminds me of the middle panel here.

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