Geeky Etsy Finds 6-3-10

More geeky Etsy finds this week for your home and personal decorating pleasure! Don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming up. If the father in your life is a geek, this might be a great gift option!

Pixelated Creations

Gamers of the 8-bit sort who are trying to decorate your fridge with your favorite characters, look no further! This shop has a variety of fabulous characters from Zelda to Scribblenauts in forms to take places or protect your dinner.

What do you make?

Fused bead art made mostly from videogame sprite patterns but I do have a few original videogame designs in my store. I stock various fused bead items in my store from magnets to key chains.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

My name is Christina and I own Pixelated Creations on Etsy. I started making videogame bead crafts back in 2007 because the site I wrote for at the time featured the craft. I found a few other artists that were making videogame sprites out of the fused beads and I was hooked.

What makes your items great for geeks?

I think there is a huge lack of gamer/geek gear in the mainstream market and handmade crafts tend to fill that void. My stuff allows gamers to express their love of the game in their home or on the go for a decent price. Overall I just love that you can practically decorate your whole home in geek gear just by shopping on Etsy.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

Geez, what I am not into. I love videogames, comic books, science, tech and crafts. I collect action figures. I watch a ton of geeky movies and TV shows. Also in my spare time, I write videogame reviews for a local paper and run my own game blog, The Girl




If you are planning to make your way to a con in the near future, and think you want to dress up sort of but not all out cosplay, why don’t you check out these adorable hats and play along simply, but in style!

What is it you make?

I make fleece character/animal hats, hair accessories, and pillows (which will soon be listed online)
How did you get started?

I got started about two years ago, when I thought it would be fun to make a hat for myself! I am currently a student, creating things because I love it.

What sorts of fandoms do you cover?

My item is great for people who love anime, manga, cartoons, cosplay conventions, etc. They are just fun, but something you don’t normally see people wearing in everyday school hallways or out in public. It’s a geeky cool way to be original. (^o^)

What are your personal favorite fandoms?

I love manga. ❤ And anime. It’s geeky if you define it to be that way though. I think that things like that are just cool. (^_^)-b

Makes me just want to go shopping! How about you?

Hey! Would you like to be featured on our Etsy finds? Do some shameless self-promotion and email us at and we can fit you in!


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