Top Ten Video Games to Play With Your Man

Many of us girly geeks are not major video game players. There are probably many reasons for this, we haven’t been able to put the time into it, not all games interest us, your husband steals the Xbox, you know. However, if you have found yourself a geeky guy, you might want to try and get more involved in video games. I applaud this idea! However, if you haven’t played much since your copy of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom stopped working, you might want to start slow.

Here is a good list of some possible games to play with your man where you can both have fun without worrying whether or not your accidental team killing is going to get you banned from his Call of Duty games. Some of these are true multiplayer, some are competitive, and some are single player but still fun for one to watch and one to play or to switch off. So, lets get on with the list!

10. Music Games

This is essentially the obvious idea: pick a game with completely different controllers! Who needs to learn all that dual analog insanity when I can pick up a guitar and press a few brightly colored buttons. This is a good jumping off point to spark interest in things like achievements though. I’m always trying to get vocal achievements for us on Rock Band!

9. Wii Sports

I like the combination of motion control and competition in this. In each sport, you play against the other person, so there is reason to keep improving. However, you are also increasing your own personal score to achieve Pro status. This hooked me for quite a while where I was practicing the bowling most nights to get better. I never got good at tennis, but the bowling and baseball were loads of fun.

8. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X was one of the few games I played most of. I didn’t actually finish it, but I was in grad school at the time. I got to the final boss, they just didn’t mention that you actually had to beat him twice. Really, game? I crack the whip … you play the game … Still, I love watching Final Fantasy games. They have neat storylines, require more thought than button mashing, and really look beautiful. There are also many to choose from, so you can try out different ones if a certain set of characters doesn’t catch you. My husband’s favorite is FFVI, but I know there’s a lot of love for FFVII out there too!

7. Super Smash Brothers

This game is pure competition and pure fun. What I really like about it is that you keep coming back to life. It’s a great way to just practice using the controllers if nothing else. You don’t have to worry about getting somewhere or accomplishing goals, just smack at your significant other and keep it amusing.

6. Tetris

Tetris is a classic. For a while, it was the only game I was any good at! If you have a couple of handheld systems sitting around, it is a great game to bring places so that you both have something to do instead of you trying to look interested waiting in line while your guy whips out his DS and you can’t even watch. Get your own and challenge him!

5. Katamari

I adored this game when we got it. It is just different enough in terms of control and such that every new player pretty much starts on the same level. It also has some of my favorite music, which may have been turned into ring tones on my phone. It’s a one-player at a time game typically, but taking turns and watching what gets rolled up, or helping to point things out, is plenty of fun at well.

4. Mario Kart

This is another fun, two player competitive game in any version it comes in. I played the original back when, and then the handheld version, and the Wii version. They are all fun. I especially get a kick out of sending flying shells at my husband, and he returns the favor. It barely matters what place either of us comes in, we still have a blast. If you are really the cutthroat type of couple, you can always play Battle mode!

3. Kingdom Hearts

This was one of my favorite RPGs because I am kind of a Disney nut. It’s a good graduating up RPG game because even though you travel the world and level up, the fighting is all real time smashing not turn-based. However, not being the best at the smashing parts, this was when I would solve all the puzzles and figure out where to go, and my husband would lend a hand in fighting the big bad guys. We spent many hours of my last year of college on this one.

2. Portal

Portal in my opinion is the best way to get your girl who is less than interested in most first person shooters into that world. You are only shooting portals, and it builds you up slowly even in doing that so you really can understand and grasp the controls. After that, it is more a puzzle game in FPS mode than an actual shooter. I never had the time to finish it, but now I have it on Steam on my computer, so it shouldn’t be a problem! This is a good one where I was able to play, and the husband sat beside giving me tips. That’s the best kind of couple time!

1. Super Mario Galaxy

This was the best thing Nintendo ever invented. Essentially, one player plays the game, and the second player can jump in and out doing helpful things such as grabbing star bits and stunning enemies. I did this quite a lot after work. He would play, I would join in for a bit, then I would go make dinner.

Oh, I do have one bonus for you a game NOT to play with your man: New Super Mario Bros. It is truly marriage poison, especially when you are only trying to help and he knocks you off a cliff and then laughs. Don’t do it. Trust me.

Okay, so, what games do you think are good for couples? Do you play games with your man? Are you going to try some of these?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth
    Jun 02, 2010 @ 12:24:06

    I love Mario Kart! It’s one of the few games I’ve learned to play. We also played some X-Men together a little while back. Once you’re past a certain point, you can have up to 4 players or just let the computer control up to 3 team members.

    I think Super Mario Galaxy looks fun, but I’ve only seen it at friends’.


  2. He Geek
    Jun 02, 2010 @ 12:55:54

    My wife (She Geek) loves to watch survival horror games with me and point out the “glowies” I need to pick up/reload/examine. Usually I’ve seen them already but there are times I’d miss out on some important stuff if not for her keen eyes.

    Plus we like sitting at the computer playing hidden objects games. We swap back and forth about who’s in the driver’s seat. Just make sure you’ve got a big monitor.


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