Weekly Link Goodness 5/29/10

Although I’m sure that all of you have plenty planned for this holiday weekend with family, and barbeques, and … who am I kidding? You are sitting on your computer like always and any excuse not to associate with the multitudes of aunts and uncles bearing potato salad and watermelon is welcome, right? Well, here are a bunch of new options for your time wasting Memorial Day weekend pleasure!


The Day the Cthulhus Hunted My Bunny – need both Lovecraft and cuteness all in one place? Try out this cute little picture story!

June Geek Horoscopes – Come on over to find out what is in store for your geeky life this coming month!

Google Pacman – Just in case you didn’t have enough fun last Friday, here’s the permanent link to play any time!

Star Gate Cakes – A stargate makes a surprisingly good cake topper!

Most Influential People on Twitter – This fabulous infographic, first of all reminds of Every Extend Extra on the XBox, but also provides plenty of fun trying to analyze how close to truly influential you and your followers may fall

The Safest Car Ever Built – Here is an interesting story about what looks like a Delorean, but really is the safest car ever built and destroyed by the government.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    May 31, 2010 @ 21:10:16

    Eep, the Stargate cake toppers are so cool!

    And it’s an equally cool and bad thing that I can now continue to play the Google Pacman.

    Great link round-up. 🙂


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