Time Waster Tuesday: Grow!

Since our usual Time Waster Tuesday fun game playing guru Dawn is not around this week (actually, she keeps texting me from DISNEYLAND, yeah, you can hate her too), you get one of Rosalind’s favorite timewasting activities instead! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that pretty much means puzzles, especially logic puzzles. I like puzzles. I do logic puzzles as relaxation. I know. I’m really nerdy. You don’t like nerdy, tell Dawn to get her butt back from Disneyland!

So, today’s Time Waster is a game that my husband actually showed me, knowing me like he does. It is called Grow. Yup, Grow. It has a variety of variations, but I will first discuss the game basics, and then look at my favorites.

The idea of grow is that you start with one thing, and it grows into other things depending on the choices you make. The goal is to grow everything to its maximum potential. If you make the wrong choices, things will not grow as much. If you can work out all the correct orders of choices and decisions, you win, yay!
Grow ver. 1

You start with a colored ball and choose between two options. These options will eventually grow into a variety of interesting creatures, a bear, a giraffe, a vampire. Yeah, I love this game.

Grow ver. 2
This is the simplest version of the order games, with only six things to put in order. Each item has mutliple levels. Each round you can choose one item, and other items can level up. The leveling up depends on the items in play, therefore, order matters. It may seem like things are happening independently, but when it all comes together, you get a neat surprise at the end.
Grow ver. 3 and Grow Cube
Both of these are quite complex and have numerous possibilities. You might need to take notes. The major difference between them, other than the items, is that one is a sphere, one is a cube. Thus, Grow Cube.
Grow RPG

In this one, you are growing a storyline along with the puzzle. It’s a little bit Zelda-like, and the objective (other than the usual grow leveling up) is to defeat the monster and save the town. Watch out for your life meter at the bottom!

Grow Island
I think this one is my favorite because it is like watching evolution at work. Scientist, you know. Anyway, this one starts on a deserted island and you need to build a civilization, Grow style! This one is larger and opens into a more complex animation. I think that’s another reason it is a favorite.

Grow Tower is the newest one, and I have not yet solved it, so go ahead, beat me to it! Just don’t give away the answer. There are also a variety of mini games on the site, some using the Grow techniques, others not. Still, more than enough stuff to waste a little time. Or, if you are the obsessive type, it could waste a lot of time. I think I took about a week the first time, spare time only, to solve all of them. Also, new games are being added once in a while, so it’s worth checking back often.

Bonus points: unless you have a perfect photographic memory, after a few weeks or months, you have probably forgotten the order and can play again!
So, did you try Grow? What do you think?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gina
    May 25, 2010 @ 22:04:21

    It’s funny, I haven’t been able to solve any of the other ones, but I stumbled on the solution to the tower within about 20 minutes o.O

    These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing 😀


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