Geek Crush: Justin McElroy

I am glad to be able to introduce a new segment to our fabulous audience this week: Geek Crush. Come on, we all have them. The guys that you fall in love with not because they look great on high def TV (although, we all have those too …), but because every time they open their mouth, something wonderful and geeky comes out. Or possibly, it’s their awesome blog posts, or their witty twitter updates that get you. Maybe it’s their collection of Star Wars figures. Something about them makes you smile just a little every time you see their twitter icon. So, once a month, one of our girls gets to steal some blog space to geek out, and probably squee just a little, over someone who they just can’t help crushing on due to their geeky awesomeness.

My husband listens to a lot of podcasts. Sometimes, they are hard to keep track of, and some of them kind of suck. However, one started getting my attention. Not just one podcast, specifically, one podcast personality: Justin McElroy from the Joystiq podcast. Somehow, he continued to grow on me, and eventually reached a status that we on Girls Are Geeks would deem: a Geek Crush.

How can you not fall in love with this guy?

I don’t remember exactly when I first started to really listen to Justin McElroy on the Joystiq podcast. What I do remember is that Justin kept making references to things that made my husband stop and call me over to listen. You see, Justin is a well-cultured geek, and he likes to reference Broadway musicals in his podcasts, which his co-hosts, Ludwig and Chris, don’t understand at all, and I think are awesome. The day he started doing “Alexi Darling, from Buzzline” from Rent, I just started cracking up. Justin also listens to TMBG and references them just often enough to make me and my husband jump up and listen.

Another thing I realized that I loved about Justin is that he is not afraid of having very strong opinions. If Justin doesn’t like a game, he makes it very obvious, and it is hard to change his mind, though Ludwig will often try. I appreciate a man with strong opinions, I mean, I married one. I can see why he likes Justin so much, too! With similar opinions on gaming and music (TMBG all the way!), oh, and breakfast cereals …
Just have to take that segue way to mention that thanks to Justin, we now hunt for Blueberry Muffin Tops Malt-O-Meal everywhere we go! They are seriously lacking in Western Mass, though. We actually got to meet Justin at the Joystiq BBMT breakfast at PAX East. I’m not sure who was trying harder not to go fan crazy and squee, me or my husband!
Back on subject, Justin is married to a doctor. I’m a doctor. Well, he’s married to the medical kind, and I’m the research kind, but still. He also mentions tidbits of things he learned from his wife on the show, meaning that he listens to her about that kind of stuff. That almost makes a nerdy PhD like me swoon.
One last thing, Justin has a new podcast with his brothers Travis and Griffin called MBMBAM (pronounced mm-bim-bam) which stands for My Brother, My Brother, and Me. On this show, the three of them sit around answering random questions about anything. They are so funny together. They kind of remind me of hanging with my two sisters … hmmm how about a MSMSAM podcast? Dawn, Gardella? Anyway, they are just all wonderful and after listening to the podcast you will never be able to hear ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me again without thinking about them.
So, to sum up: Juston McElroy, video game player and reviewer, writer, lover of TMBG, Broadway knowlegable, advice-giver, and married to a doctor. I gotta say, it all makes me want to swoon. Therefore, our Geek Crush of the Month of May is declared to be Justin McElroy. I dedicate this song to you.

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  1. Ruth
    May 19, 2010 @ 16:26:07

    Hmm…maybe I’ll have to start listening to the podcast. 🙂


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