Time Waster Tuesday: The Stretch Limo Game

Welcome back to your usual time-waster Tuesday programming. I’m Dawn, and I’ll be your host for today’s edition. Our focus is on a game which I created while riding in the car one day. My sister will occasionally try to take credit for this idea, but it was all mine, I’m convinced.

The Stretch-Limo game is your basic Going-On-A-Picnic alphabet game with a twist. It can be played with any number of players, even by yourself (see variations below). So let’s begin …

Back Story

One day my family was on a long car ride. If you’ve been keeping up with previous time-wasters, then you’ll know this is something we used to do a lot. 20 hour trips to Disney World were a regular occurrence. I can’t recall if this game occurred on a Disney trip or what, but I digress.

We were in the car. While driving, we past the most gorgeous white stretch limo I have ever seen. And as I often did when we passed a limo, I was curious as to who was inside. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just roll down the window and ask the driver?”

Thus was born an idea for a game.

Basic Game-Play

The first player starts with the letter A and must think of a celebrity whose name begins with that letter. We’re not picky about first names or last names. It just needs to be something recognizable. When we played the first time Tim Allen was A, but he could just as easily be T as well. Just don’t double dip.

Game play begins with: “I was driving in my car and I saw a stretch limo. I wanted to know who was inside, so I rolled down my window and asked the driver. He told me that he was taking  ________ to _________.”

The script isn’t set, and the idea is to add to the storyline as you go on. By the time you get to E, the storyline could go: “I was driving in my car and I saw a stretch limo, then all of a sudden, a helicopter landed next to the limo and out stepped (A celebrity) and (B celebrity) fresh from the Academy awards. They waved and invited me to join them in the party limo. Once inside, I saw (C celebrity) flirting with (D celebrity) and (E celebrity sitting alone by the bar, so I offered to buy her a drink.

And if that’s only five people in, imagine how crazy it could get if you got all the way to Z.


1. One player to infinity. However, if you have more than 26, you’ll have to go through the alphabet a few times to make sure everyone gets a turn. It works best with 2-6, I’d say.

2. You can only play if you are actually driving in your car and see a stretch limo. However, if you want to play another time, I’m certainly not going to stop you. This rule is just a throwback to how the game started.

3. Keep the plotline moving. Don’t get lost in the rut of just naming celebrities. The thing that separates this game from other alphabet games is that it also challenges your creativity.

4. Don’t throw all your rings on one post. That is to say if you use all your creative plot twists the first time you play and have an epically awesome game, you’ll have nothing left for future games. However, feel free to take that as a challenge.

5. No winner, no score system. The idea isn’t competition, but time-wasting and creativity-building.


Single-Player: If you don’t have a group of people, you can play the stretch limo game on your own. Grab a pencil and paper, open notepad, or just write the story in your imagination. It’s harder to develop crazy plotlines without someone to bounce them off, but those stories are the thing that makes this game so much fun!

No-Repeat: This can get really tough, but instead of using the same celebrity for A for the entire game, change it up with each round. The A round could have Tim Allen, and then the B round have Barbara Streisand and A-Rod. This challenges you to come up with even more celebrities, which is awesome if you are trying to expand your pop-culture knowledge.

Adaptation: Adapt the game to your environment or favorite fandom. Instead of “I was driving in my car …” change it to “I was flying in my space-pod” and use all Sci-Fi characters. Or if in Disney World (yeah we always have a Disney variation) “I was walking around the Magic Kingdom …” and use only Disney characters.

Enjoy your time-waster! As always, if you have any variations, let us know. If you invented or play a game that you want us to feature, email girlsaregeeks@gmail.com


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