Iron Man 2: The Genius-Swoon Effect

I am, in temperament, what I call an optimistic pessimist. Essentially, I’m usually absolutely certain that something is going to suck. I’m especially wary of sequels, except for Ghostbusters 2, I mean Statue of Liberty, come on! Anyway, being me, I had high hopes but little expectation for Iron Man 2. Fortunately for them, I was completely blown away by this incredible movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, why not? Go do that! If you have, feel free to keep reading.

I like comics, but I’m not a consistent reader. Mostly, I just can’t keep up on the stack of other things I have to read much less comics, so it doesn’t happen. My husband however, is a bit of a Marvel fanboy, so I have a good idea of what is happening in that Universe at all times simply by being comic-reader-adjacent. So far, I have been pretty happy with the Marvel movie world, I liked Spiderman  and X-men and both of their immediate sequels (third movies, another story) as well as the good Hulk. However, so far Iron Man was my favorite. I quickly fell completely in love with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and loved his odd mannerisms and banter with both Pepper Potts and Rhodey. I also tend to fall hard for the tortured geniuses (like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, mmm) being an intellectual nerd. However, a tortured genius that looked that great in a tank while hammering out an iron mask and with an incredibly witty sense of humor was just swoon-worthy.

The second movie managed to continue a lot of what I liked about the first one. Robert Downey Jr. continues to just be wonderful, and we really got an even better look into Tony Stark’s character in this movie. We learned that he didn’t have the best relationship with his father, and yet both father and son recognized and respected the other one’s brilliance. Also, we got another tank top, muscle bulging, equipment-building scene! I was a bit concerned that Stark would be in the suit quite a lot in this movie and there would be much less of him doing the physical work of science which I loved from the first one. I also like it when he interacts with the holograms, just moving so quickly between ideas and concepts. Really, I think I love Tony Stark’s brain as much as Robert Downey Jr.’s body! Swoon!

I also love the women in Iron Man. Pepper Potts is the epitome of the woman behind the man. We were watching the first movie, and I just laugh when she asks Stark if he knows his social security number and he doesn’t. I’m not sure my husband would remember his without me either! She’s always on top of things and knows what’s going on. In this movie especially, since she’s practically running the company already, Stark just goes ahead and makes her CEO, and she does a fabulous job. I love the way she handles Hammer at the end, getting him arrested and thrown out. She’s also great at the beginning when she runs right into the fight with Happy in the car. I’m not sure how I feel about her resigning at the end, except that Stark should really be cleaning up his own messes. However, her and Stark slowly falling in love over the course of two movies through banter and arguments has been just wonderful. I think one of the things that makes her so attractive to Stark is that she can hold her own verbally against him. He’s not the kind of guy who wants a damsel in distress, and I hate those as well, so go Pepper! Natalie/Natasha was well done in that she wasn’t overdone. She got to show off her mad kicking-butt skills, and wasn’t terribly skimpily dressed in the process, I appreciate that.

Just a few other notes.

What about Ivan Vanko’s hair? I have a terrible thing for long haired men, and I just loved his hair! He was also another muscled genius, and with a Russian accent, so, yeah.

I like Don Cheadle, don’t get me wrong I’ve adored his acting since Hotel Rwanda, and he did a good job, however, I preferred the play between Downey and Terrence Howard from the first movie more than between Cheadle and Downey. Eh. My husband liked Cheadle better, so, who really knows.

Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson is always awesome. In everything. All the time. He makes me excited for every movie involved in what will be The Avengers. Even if the adorable Jensen Ackles isn’t going to be Captain America. At least I can still see him in the sixth season of Supernatural (and in my dreams, sigh).

Okay, final verdict: This is definitely a good, geeky movie and would be a good geeky date movie!


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  1. Ruth
    May 09, 2010 @ 16:06:06

    We don’t have the $$ for many movies, so this is going on the DVD date night list. 🙂


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