One Man’s Trash Is a Geek’s Treasure

Armed with six screwdrivers, three sets of pliers, some scissors, and other various tools, we ventured our way across the parking lot to the dumpster where we found our treasure. One of the fraternity houses on campus had thrown away an old copy and fax machine, a Konica 7033.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to throw things away and you look at them like they have six heads and say, “Are you crazy? I could totally find a use for that!” Well that’s exactly what happened when we saw this abandoned copy machine out on the lawn.

The first thought was, “Oh we could totally use these parts to make robots!” And from there, the geekiness did not cease for a moment until the only thing left was an empty case and a pile of electronic parts.

If you enjoy the insides of electronics read on to see some of what we found!

The capacitors from an epically impressive power supply

Super large heat sync

Tons of pretty colored wires, which I kind of want to make into bracelets

Our weapons of choice

Screws of all shapes and sizes

I love that boards look like little cities!

Gears, the better to steampunk with

We also found a large square of glass, a pretty intense infrared laser, and some pretty sweet scanner light bulbs. So tell us about a time you saved something that was going to be trashed. Or just let us know if you like taking things apart too!


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  1. Aradia
    May 06, 2010 @ 18:01:50

    Wow! What a haul! Half of my apartment furniture came from the dumpster fairies- my antique dining room table, my drafting desk/cookbook stand/microwave & crockpot table, my favorite reading chair, both of my coffee tables, both of my side/end tables, and my futon.


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