Weekly Link Goodness

Yet another week of link goodness. Enjoy these fine offerings!

Stormtrooper’s Handbook – This is a pretty amusing, and possibly useful, graphic!

My Brother, My Brother, and Me – The McElroy brothers’ podcast, hilarious! These guys remind me of me and my sisters, only, you know, guys.

Pencil Crossbow – That is definitely NSFW in many ways!

An Awesome Review of ‘Kick-Ass’ – This was a great movie and this is a great review with an emphasis on the woman’s role

Yubotu – An incredibly addicting battleship puzzle game, also on this site are a variety of other puzzle and logic games

The Grandfather Paradox – This is what happens when you let scientists retire, they become writers!

Granola – Help improve the planet and your energy bill all from the comfort of the internet

One Book, One Twitter – Everyone on twitter gets together this summer to read a Neil Gaiman book. Yes, that is as awesome as it sounds.

How I Met Your Motherboard – Old computing memories in abundance!

What do you think? Did you run into any great geeky stuff out on the web you would like to share with us?


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