Weekly Link Goodness

I run into lots of interesting things roaming about both the twitterverse and the web, so I thought I would collect some of the more fun ones each week for you all to check out. Enjoy installment one of your Weekly Link Goodness. Any one find any other interesting links this week they want to share?

Zombie Farm! Wow, this actually looks pretty cool, and we’re usually seriously against Farmville style games.
Environmentalism in Sci Fi As a geek and an ecologist, I like the sound of this one. Some of the examples are a little stretching, but anything with Star Wars and Idiocracy has to be reasonable, right?

Instants! Fun For all your geeky sound effect needs

Scientific Curiosity Captured in Photos Science is an art, and this is some great art in science.

Life Size Legos I may need to look into these for real, we know a guy who would love to live in a house of legos.

Geek Girls, Stop Whining! This is a great commentary on exactly why blogs like ours exist, you want it, go out and do it, don’t whine about it not being there! Also, was thinking about going to that panel, but may have fallen in love with the guy from Protomen instead. Mmmm, talent and pretty blond hair.
Etymologic Really tough word quiz, but interesting knowledge to be learned!

Disk Sticky Notes These remind me of many of my early computing days, of course, I actually remember floppy floppy disks too …

Weird Bug Lady Stuffed bugs, entomologically correct. I love bugs! Doesn’t everybody?
The Page: Digital Newspaper A newspaper without all that complicated page folding? I’m in!a

Star Wars Crochet These are so cute it makes me want to remember how to crochet!

Star Wars USB Drives Save your data with the protection of the Force.

Enjoy these while procrastinating this Friday!


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