Top Ten Geek Dates

If you are a geek, it is likely that you would be interested in dating another geek. Or more likely, your common geek interests would drive you together. Either way, two geeks on a date opens up possibilities far beyond those of your typical dinner-and-a-movie variety. Therefore, today’s top ten list is a set of suggestions for the best possible geeky dates. Many of these are tested by me and my husband, who’s first real date involved Night of the Living Dead (if that’s not geek cred …). If the person you’re dating doesn’t like these ideas … it’s possibly time to find yourself a real geek! Hey, current couples, you might try these out as date nights too! I still love a good geeky movie night with my sweetie.
10. Movie Night Out

I’ll start with the classic, but with a twist. Sure, a movie is a great date, either at the beginning of a relationship or much later, but for geeks the real question tends to be what movie to go see. One of the things that seems to be true of geek girls, we shy away from the classic romantic comedy, which is probably much to the guy’s delight. This means that you can impress your guy by picking a flick that will provoke more geeky conversation, and actually enjoying it! Take charge and pick a movie that you want to see for the content, and not for the cute leads (although bonus points if you can score both in one place!). The  first movie me and my husband saw together in the theater: Hannibal. Still a night I remember. If you have an independent theater nearby, check that out, they get great selections sometimes!
9. YouTube Video Exchange

This is something we did in college quite a lot. Essentially, you just start watching all your favorite geeky YouTube videos, and showing each other which ones you love. Sometimes, we would be planning to go somewhere and do something, and instead spend hours watching SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. Here are some good places to start if you totally blank on which videos to play:

Play ‘Em Off Keyboard Cat

Wrex. Shepard.

Extremely well played video games

and if you really want to, some classic WoW fun

8. Science Museum

If you are a couple of nerdy geeks, then by all means head to your local science museum! Kid’s museums are the best, because that typically means there are tons of fun toys to play with. I used to go to this one museum and make K’Nex cars all day, and at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, I would hold the Madagascar hissing cockroaches and try to make them hiss. At least you will be with someone who appreciates the geekiness of it all, right?!
7. Geeky Window Shopping

Sure, going to the mall is fun, but going to the Apple Store in the mall to play with the iPad is way more fun. Me and my husband’s mall adventures typically consist of Best Buy, checking out the cheap games at Target, GameStop, the Apple Store, Hot Topic T-shirts, and the local gaming/comic store. Show a guy this route in the mall, and he’ll never complain about spending an afternoon shopping again! Just remember: you don’t need any more shoes, even if it’s BOGO time at Payless.
6. Arcade

There aren’t too many of these left, but if you can find one you might be set! Oftentimes these include games you can play together, like a rousing DDR, or separately, if he is intent on playing Mortal Kombat and you can’t drag yourself away from Frogger. I personally always gravitated toward the old school pinball machines. Me and my husband also spent a few times on the Jersey Shore playing skeeball. We’re a little competitive, so we don’t play too many games against each other, you know, for the sake of the marriage (and his ego).

5. Board/card games

This is the staying in version of number six, and increases the options. Well, it depends on how competitive you are. Of course, then again, this is a great test for a guy trying to date a geek girl. Most geek girls aren’t exactly the types to let the guy win, well, just because. If a guy survives the competitive streak, he’s keeper material. We experienced this over a game of Risk. Nine years later, I was still right to destroy him and he’s still mad, but we’re still together. Some other great geeky games for these dates: Magic the Gathering, Zombies, Pandemic, or Scrabble (my husband especially likes that one because he’s better at it than me).

4. Movie night in

I find that for geeks, the movie night in is often better than out, mostly because that means your movie options are vast and include things much farther from the mainstream. You can stick with a classic like Wrath of Khan or my first real date with my husband: Night of the Living Dead, the original, followed up by Dawn of the Dead (also original). You can also make it a bad movie night, in which case I suggest Killer Klowns from Outer Space or the Garbage Pail Kids. Another great geek flick: Ed Wood, including the ever adorable Johnny Depp before he went crazy. We may be geeks, but we’re not blind. Just don’t drool until after the relationship is established.

3. Build a lego project together

How much fun is it to buy a new lego set and then sit and put it together? Awesome. How much more fun would it be to do so with your honey? So awesome. It’s a great date because you have something to talk about, something to do, and something to remember it by afterwards. Take your choice of geeky lego sets. My hosuehold is pretty much exclusively Star Wars with some Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. This can also work with any other building or model related activities. I was a K’Nex fiend once too.

2. Video Game all-nighter

One of the best nights of my relationship was when me and my then-boyfriend (now husband) and some friends decided to beat Super Mario Bros 3, that night. We passed off the controllers, played various levels and had a blast. The best part is that you can help each other out. Later on, we would often play Kingdom Hearts together because he was better at button mashing the boss battles and I liked roaming around. Couples that play together, stay together! Might I also suggest classics like Mega Man games, easily beatable in one long evening. Also, if you have two DS’s, playing linked Tetris or Mario Kart is also fun. You can download some old games onto your Wii if your old systems aren’t set up.
1. Geeky Music concert

Where better to go with a geek date then a place full of other geeks? Check the listings and who knows, maybe TMBG or Paul and Storm will be coming to your town! These are wonderful because there is plenty to do, space for conversation in the middle, and you can always talk about the band if there is nothing else to talk about. Me and my husband have seen Cake, TMBG, and MC Frontalot together, oh, and then there was PAX East! Maybe you will find “your song” while you are there!

If you love these ideas, but are still looking for the geek to do them with, you might check out these lovely ladies at Geek’s Dream Girl who have a whole site devoted to Geek life, love, and finding that perfect geek for you!

What other geeky dates have you been on or would like to suggest!! Let us know in the comments.

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  1. GeektasticAlly
    May 05, 2010 @ 21:23:03

    Awwws. I liked your list. My Fiancé and I do things like this. Our date night though because we’re Linux geeks is setting up servers together all night. It’s cute. 🙂 I hope that when we’re married that we’re as lucky as you are with your husband.


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