How To Geekify Your Workspace

I’m an undercover geek. That’s not on purpose. I simply don’t have an incredibly noticeable geekiness quality about me on a regular basis. Until I open my mouth, then it is hard to miss. However, my geekiness does become apparent if people start to notice the details. One of the places that this occurs often is at work. At first, I appear to just have a lot of interesting clutter about my desk. Then, people look more carefully at some of the clutter, and that’s when things can get weird fun.

So, today for you, we have a How-To that is all about geeking up your workspace, in ways that make your geekdom apparent but not overpowering. For women, especially, I find having geeky stuff sets me apart from the typical plants and pictures, but not so much that people wonder about my toys unless they really stop to examine them.

Geeky workspaces can range from very subtle to more obvious. For example, here is my husband’s desk:

You can easily notice the many Nintendo figures protecting the edges of the cubicle. If you look further back on the shelves you will notice other figures and on the wall to the left there is an MC Frontalot poster.

Now to compare, here’s mine.

As you can see various levels of geekiness. However, there appear to be some essential items to really improve the geekiness of your workspace.

You should definitely have some type of figures or characters. You can get these in numerous types and sizes that are most appropriate to your space. These are especially good if you have a collection or a theme. Plus, it makes you something interesting at your workplace, like the one who collects Final Fantasy characters or stuffed giant microbes (ummm…).

Make sure your computer has the appropriate amount of geekiness, typically through the choice of background. My computer at work has a bacteria that I added various colored masks to. There are a variety of webcomics that make good backgrounds and can change depending on what’s happening in life. For a while my background was the eternal slide from Penny Arcade. For two years in grad school, I cycled through PhD comics depending on whether I was writing, teaching, or trying to pass my quals. I’m particularly fond of this one. Also appropriate are backgrounds of your current favorite obsession. My laptop background has had a lot of Sam and Dean Winchester lately.

Geeky art is always good. Finding posters or pictures that appear normal, but in reality have serious geekiness when you look closer are pretty awesome. Look closely at these microbial artistic wonders to get the joke.

A really good nerdy geek should always have a Rubik’s cube. Mine is usually patterned for the seasons. Like these pretty flowers.

Game pieces and cards are another good thing to use. Carcassonne board pieces, Zombies, specific magic cards, and dice in various shapes to name a few. The nice thing about dice and Rubik’s cubes is that they are good procrastination tools as well.

If you have access to music, Jonathan Coulton and TMBG make great work music. It sounds just normal enough, until you actually listen!

One of the great things about having a geeky workspace is that it provides your friends and family who know nothing about the reality of your geekiness, a.k.a. would buy you the wrong volume of Sandman for Christmas, something cute and easy to pick up for gifts. Whenever my family is stuck, they just buy me another stuffed giant microbe. Can’t go wrong with giant microbes. For my husband, it’s anything Nintendo or Squirtle. Even if it’s not perfect, your desk at work can still be enhanced by it, and your family feels like they gave you something useful, sort of.

So, now, you are charged to go out and geekify! Bonus points for posting pictures of the geekiest stuff you have and linking to them!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aradia
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 18:18:34

    *sobs* I’m so ashamed that I’m not allowed to geek up my desk!


  2. Ruth
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 18:20:26

    Bringing my camera to my workspace tomorrow. It’s not the nerdiest workspace ever, but there’s a Cthulhu, my desktop picture is a galaxy, and I’ve got some nerdy librarian stuff on the cubicle wall. I actually love my cubicle…gotta admit it. 🙂

    (when I finish the Firefly cross-stitch I’m working on, I may add it too!)


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