Top Ten Science Facts You Wish You Didn’t Know

Time for another hump day Top Ten list. Need something interesting to get you through the midpoint of your week? Well, ponder these for a while …

As a microbiologist and scientist in general, I often find myself faced with lots of useless but awesome information. Well, awesome if you aren’t having dinner at the time of hearing it. Anyway, I though I would share these tidbits with you to share with all your friends over dinner!

10. Sea cucumbers throw up their stomachs to distract enemies and escape. Don’t you wish you could do that?

9. There are more species of beetles then any other organism on the planet, the number is tough to nail down, but it’s a lot and more being discovered all the time. Name the next one after me?

8. The only difference between the molecules that make spearmint and caraway is that they are mirror images. Yum and ew, just a twist!

7. A flea can accelerate itself to 140 Gs, which is far more than even experienced during a rocket launch into outer space. Jumpy little buggers.

6. A fungus in Oregon covers 2384 acres. It is the world’s largest organism. It might have tried to eat Mulder and Scully once.

5. Mosquitos are the organism that causes the most human death, 1-2 million or more per year from mosquito-borne diseases. DEET isn’t that poisonous, right?

4. You have ten times more microbial cells than human cells in/on your body. You are just substrate for microbes. Think about it.

3. There is a bacterial culture that was revived after 8 million years. Yeah. They can totally outlive us. That’s why I love them!

2. Warm air does not rise. Cold air falls. You may now start correcting everybody. I do.

1. Oxygen is actually a poisonous gas, we have simply adapted to avoid that toxicity while using the oxygen to make energy. Easy way to kill brain cells without paying for drugs, right?

Okay. Now, go wow people!


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