How To Throw A Great Geeky Party!

Time for another Monday How To! Get off your butt this Monday and do something!

I find that one of the best ways to share your awesome geekiness with the world around you is to throw a great party! Preferably, a great geeky party. Here are some ideas for geek parties to enjoy! They are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for a variety of factors so you can put together exactly the right party!

Geekiness: 1 is a jock could enjoy himself and 5 is conducting most of the party in Klingon
Excitement: 1 is falling asleep wouldn’t be out of place and 5 is party till dawn … two days later
Drunkeness: 1 is no alcohol needed and 5 is no one actually remembers the party
Equipment: 1 is this party could happen in an open field and 5 is multiple T3 lines needed

Okay, on to the parties!

1. The Movie/TV Marathon

There are a number of ways to do this. Something like all three Lord of the Rings extended editions, with the animated The Hobbit as an opener would be a great, long party. A Star Wars trilogy (your choice of which … oh who am I kidding, original trilogy!) party could also work. This type of party works well on holidays too, such as a Friday the 13th marathon on Friday, the 13th (Jason or the TV show! I love both.). Zombie movies for Valentine’s Day is another great option.
Geekiness: 3-4, can range depending on the choice of movies/shows
Excitement: 2-3, unless people are planning to to something like dance along with the Cantina, these parties tend to involve lots of sitting around
Drunkeness: 3-4, this depends on the crowd. Personally, I’m a fan of drinking everytime Data uses a gadget or Chunk gets everyone in trouble
Equipment: 2 just a TV and something to play on it, go retro or high tech, both could be fun! You know you still have a VCR somewhere.

2. The Board/Card Game Party

This is one of my personal favorites. It can be based around a particular game, such as Poker or Risk (preferably the Lord of the Rings version with the little elves, but I digress) or Trivial Pursuit. Alternately, it can be a variety of games. I prefer the second option, limiting games to 4-5 people per game for easier game play. Here are some games that work great:

Munchkin: not too hard to figure out and can be terribly fun, especially if your crowd is a bit competitive
Fluxx: games can be various lengths and people can join at any tim
Last Night On Earth: a zombies vs humans game played with two teams, but requires some strategy and thought, a little harder to learn
Pandemic: everyone is working to keep the globe from succumbing to the bacteria (or viruses), interesting teamwork game

Geekiness: 4-5, especially if you are playing those games, which are the best ones. Bonus points for multiple different munchkin packs (Munchkin Fu with Mooks!)
Excitement: 3, competition can make people crazy, especially when everyone is at level 9 on munchkin, but mostly people are sitting in one place for a while
Drunkeness: 2, most people won’t want to drink too much, that is if they want to win, however, I do know a few people who can kill at Trivial Pursuit after 3-4 beers!
Equipment: 3 some of these games require more investment than others, Last Night on Earth is a bit more pricey than a few Fluxx packs for instance. You can slowly grow your game collection until you are insane, or have a board game potluck and see what shows up!

3. The Theme Party

This is another party with a great variety of options. Essentially, you pick a theme and make everything revolve around it all night. Here are some of my favorite theme parties:

The Darwin Day Party: February 12, Darwin’s birthday. Dress up as your favorite adaption or bring a food item that shows your favorite adaptation. Darwin trivia FTW!

The Rubiks Cube Party: Everything is based on the colors of the Rubik’s cube, food, drink, decorations. You show up in an outfit of three different colors and try to “solve your cube” by ending in all one solid color.

A Star Trek party: extreme geekiness, but between the costumes, background TV/movies soundtrack, and drinks like Samarian Sunset and Aldebaran Whiskey (you know, green!), as well Klingon conversation, it has to be fun.

Geekiness: 4-5, probably high end for these considering the theme you come up with. Personally, I’m thinking about planning a party for Pi day and DNA day in the next year!
Excitement: 3, these are mostly chilling and mingling parties, nothing crazy unless someone breaks our their bat’leth
Drunkeness: 4, what fun is a theme party without theme drinks! Bonus points for drinking them out of Nintendo themed glasses
Equipment: 2, hosting the party requires very little, just some snacks and drinks and maybe decorations, make everyone else supply their own costumes and for very little per person this can be easy and great

4. The Rock Band Party

I adore Rock Band Parties, probably because I’m obsessed with performing on stage with a microphone, and can only karaoke once a week and couldn’t get on American Idol without being seriously told to keep my day job. Good thing. I kind of hate American Idol since Bo Bice lost …


Rock Band 2 with no fail mode is so much fun. Anybody can give it a try, and it doesn’t matter what level you play on or how much you suck. Even people that don’t know the music tend to have fun. The best part is that there is a huge selection of songs to download that everybody enjoys. Here are my favorite party pleasers: Margaritaville, Don’t Stop Believing, Living on a Prayer, Carry on My Wayward Son (yeah, I’m also Supernatural obsessed, so this is a personal favorite!), Eye of the Tiger, and Gimme Shelter. We also love to play Still Alive and Skullcrusher Mountain, and my science friends all love Origin of Species. All bets are off when we get into JoCo and Front mode! Also, the Beatles Rock Band was great! Who doesn’t love the Beatles? On second thought, don’t answer that, I might stop speaking to you. My husband called the Beatles Rock Band “spanish fly for the ladies” due to our excitement.

The four person game allows for changes in and out, breaks for delicious goodies, and chatting time. Give it a try, really! My geeky friends love these parties, we have one a month!

Geekiness: 3-4, it is a video game, and if you play JoCo and MC Frontalot and Spinal Tap, that increases the geekiness to 11.
Excitement: 4, it’s fun and you are moving around and sometimes people even dance!
Drunkeness: 3-4, like karaoke, some people prefer to play after a few beers, but this can be done sober as well. My husband becomes Hendrix after a few beers and plays over his head. Think about that.
Equipment: 4, if you are a geek, there is a good chance you have a video game system around, but Rock Band itself is a bit of an investment. I think it’s totally worth it.

I’m sure you all have had more geeky parties, this is just to get you started. Really, all you need is one game of Munchkin and some willing victims friends and you are on your way! Get your geek on and party down.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aradia
    Apr 14, 2010 @ 19:59:48

    Whoo~ Finally catching up on blog posts from last week- this one’s great!! I have a tip that wasn’t on here: Try to make geeky look-a-like food. I made a noodle casserole last year. For topping, I sprinkled bread crumbs over a cutout of the Apple logo, turning it into MAC n’ cheese. I also cut radishes to look like Mario 1Up mushrooms, and a friend made *amazing* Settlers of Catan cupcakes, with little fondant sheep and everything. The food was the best part of the party (besides friends, of course!)


  2. Rosalind
    Apr 14, 2010 @ 22:28:52

    That’s awesome. Next time, that’s totally happening. Be ready, with ideas, and yummies. Right now I’m trying to map out a baked good for DNA day. I’m thinking about bacterial conjugation in shortbread.


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