Top Ten Star Trek Quotes I Like to Say

As a self-designated trekkie, I tend to be the type of person who randomly says things related to Star Trek, often at inappropriate moments. However, this being a geeky blog, I thought that I might put my favorite things to say here where people will totally get me! These aren’t necessarily the classic sayings, so much as my favorites!

Here is your hump-day Top Ten List

10. “They don’t like you, Mr. Darvin – I wonder why?”
Starting off with a little classic Kirk from some classic original series, and one my favorite episodes, the Trouble with Tribbles. Also written by my favorite science fiction writer, David Gerrold. His books are amazing. If you have never read “The Man Who Folded Himself”, go find it right now and do so!

Tell me that doesn’t look like a fun game! I’ve always wanted to learn the rules, get myself some gold-pated latinum, and challenge Jadzia to a game. Mmmm, a geek’s dreams.

8. “We do NOT discuss it with outsiders.”
I LOVE crossover episodes, and ones where they use actual clips from other series, so many levels of awesome. So, this was the “official” explanation for why Klingons look so different between TOS and TNG. When Michael Dorn says it, I believe it! Also, I might adore the original writer of the original episode, as noted above.

7. “Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man!”
I love me some Worf (as evidenced by the previous quote) and I love me some Q, and I love me some Robin Hood, and I love this episode. Worf got all the great one-liners of TNG, you know, like when he delivered Molly. Anyway, this is one that always stands out to me. Plus, this episode also had Vash, the one woman who could make Jean-Luc blush, hehe. Have I mentioned how sexy bald can be, mmm.

6. “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”
I’m sorry, you say it, I say it, let’s just be honest about it. We love the freakin’ Borg, no matter how annoying the concept of the Borg Queen was, because they gave us this line. Oh, Hugh was pretty awesome too! Too bad about that Lore problem …

5. “Life forms, you tiny little life forms, you precious little life forms, where are you?” [do do do do do do doot]
Me and my husband have both been known to burst out into this one from Generations on numerous occasions. Funny Data is just too funny! And fat cat is fat. Oh, and yes, the cute musical bit at the end is always included.

4. “There are four lights!”
I’m not necessarily an advocate of torture, but there is almost something sexy about Picard’s ability to stay strong through that whole episode, isn’t there? Oh, course I also love me some bruised and battered Sam and Dean from Supernatural, so this might be my problem. Bald, sexy, traumatized, and awesome.

3. “The needs of the many… outweigh…”
“The needs of the few.”
“Or the one.”
I’m sorry, it’s classic, and awesome. It’s also from one of the two good movies in that trilogy. For people who like the Search for Spock, I ask you, really? really?

2. “It is … green.”
I love the mixture of series (as I may have mentioned above), and I love Data trying to explain something and failing to be able to be do so with his usual scientific accuracy. I say this probably more often than people would like.

1. “Tea, Early Grey, hot.”
Yeah, I’m an Earl Grey tea kind of girl (preferably Twinnings, loose, freshly and darkly brewed), and I love me a man who knows his tea.


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