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Literally, this site follows exactly what it’s name would make you think. It’s website for physics-based online games. No bells, no whistles. Just games upon games that focus on aspects of physics, such as light, waves, construction, mechanics, electricity, gravity and so much more.

The site features some of the most popular games, and on each page shows you the newest games which they have gathered. Other than that, the games are separated into seven categories: block removal, construction, demolition, platform, projectile, stacking and other.

Block Removal: These games require a puzzle-solving mentality. Generally, you have a goal such as to get one block to the bottom of the screen, and to reach that goal you must remove other blocks. My personal favorite would have to be Pumpkin Remover, which uses multiple gravitational fields.

Construction: A construction game means you are going to be building something: a bridge, a vehicle, a green fantastic contraption or a tower. These aren’t my favorite games, but they definitely allow you to use your imagination. Try playing Fantastic Contraption. Solve all the levels using the least amount of pieces possible. Then try again using the most pieces.

Demolition: Do you like blowing things up? Shooting at fortresses? How about catapulting? Then demolition games have just enough destruction for you. I am definitely a fan of Demolition City 2, which really tests your knowledge behind the physics of destroying.

: In platform games, you play a character or possible a vehicle or cube even. In my favorite, Home Sheep Home, you play three sheep who are trying to get home, but must face their weights and the powers of gravity preventing them from easily reaching their goal.

Projectile: These games involves shooting things at other things. I’m a big fan of Contrast Cannon. This game involves changes in gravity and color. And it also throws some basic addition into the mix.

: Think Tetris, but if it existed in the real world.  These games require you build towers of interestingly shaped pieces or to balance objects either based on weight or shape. I recommend Perfect Balance New Trials. This game gives you a few pieces and a basic game board and you must balance the shapes on top of one another. Good luck.

Other: Some of the best hidden jewels end up in the other category. Honestly you just have to play most of them to figure out what they are really all about. Try Meeblings and Magic Pen and of course Physics Invader for a twist on the classic.


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